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The Most Frequently Challenged and Banned Books in the US

The United States of America, also commonly known as the US, is a beautiful country which is known all across the globe for its many natural wonder, culture, freedom, and literature. This country actually comprises of 50 states, 5 self-governing territories, federal districts, and many other possessions. The capital of this country is Washington,...

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Impact of Tariffs on U.S Trade and Economy

The US government in March 2018 started imposing several tariffs and quotas on the imports of aluminum products and steel from all countries except Australia. These tariffs were based on Trade Expansion Act, 1962, Section 232. Later on in July it imposed tariffs on specific products imported from China; this was done in retaliation...

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Effective Margin Finance Of Countries

Globally there are three significant variations in the system of securities and margin financing which are the decentralized model of credit as is represented in the United States of America, the dual track model of credit as is represented by Taiwan and the mode of centralization in Japan. In the capital markets of the...

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Curb Ethical Violation To Improve” Brand Image” of Your Organisation

The role of ethics in the business world is significant for ensuring the interest protection of others. Ethical reporting is one of the effective ways to ensure organizational performance against committed fraud or any other misconduct at the workplace. Ethical behavior is important for serving the target audience professionally by considering a code of...

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Role of Essay Writing for Students

Essay writing is very important in student’s career as it is the part of application which is submitted by the students with applicant to get enrolled in the university. Once the application is accepted by the university/school/ college then the student can continue to their essay writing across their humanities course. The topic of...

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Can Social Media Really Cause Depression?

It is common for individuals to feel sad, low, or even sometimes lose interest in the activities which used to be pleasurable earlier. However, when such feelings persist for a longer duration then it is advised that one should get it checked out as that can be a very big sign of depression. Depression...

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