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Why Indian Students Prefer Singapore For MBA Education

Singapore has become an education hub due to several quality institutions. Students from all over the world travel every year to Singapore to pursue higher education. Singapore offers a variety of courses to students but, MBA course has gained the maximum popularity among Indian students in Singapore. Masters of Business Administration has come into...

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How Different Singapore Education System Is Than The Rest Of The World?

Singapore’s education system has developed a powerful set of institutional arrangements which is centralized, integrated, coherent and well funded. It is characterized by prescribed national curriculum, assessments and instruction. Besides Singapore unique configuration, authoritative vernacular facilitate understanding of teaching and learning across whole educational system. Singapore universities have managed to the ranked top on...

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Ethical Legal Practice And Client Care Course In Singapore

One of the most important subjects of law is Ethical Legal Practice and Client Care. A term used to describe a code of conduct which governs professional behavior in proper sense establishing the nature of obligation owing to both individual and society is termed as legal ethics. In this article we would be discussing...

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