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A case study is a popular methodology of research, where we try to analyze something in-depth. It can be a person, a group, an event. The popular method is utilized in a broad spectrum of subjects such as sociology, economics, engineering, medicine, and political science.

The major objective behind utilizing case studies is to gain deeper, all-around information about a person or group. The information obtained from the study gives an understanding of the subject comprehensively. It can be generalized too.

The case study assignment help Victoria,  can be anything or any topic based although the format of the case study is really important to follow.

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Some have great faith in the case studies as it gives broader comprehensive data about the topic

  • If we talk about the first pros of case study

           It is about the study analyzing any topic in-depth with numerous variables considered. It also                              

points out how the researcher has the potential to highlight every aspect of a given topic.                            

  • A second important aspect of the case study is that we provide service of  research proposal writing ottawa. This can bring people to a closer understanding of the subject. For example, the researcher is interested in showing about some culture,  they explore every element of it, to provide comprehensive details about it.
  • One of the best things about the case study is that it accumulates data keeping in mind to bring positive change in the situation. For example, if you are studying homelessness in the United States, you gather all the data and analyse it. The major objective would be to find a solution to the persistent problem of homelessness.

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The format we follow for the case study is given below, modifications will be made if any are specified.

  • Synopsis sometimes called executive summary
  1. Which consist of a few elements such as
  2. We provide details and introduction our topic
  3. We will provide details about the object of the case study
  4. We will also provide a few details about findings and issues ( later elaborate )
  5. Theory discussion
  6. And some details about recommendations.
  • Introduction consists of
  1. The summary of our tasks
  2. The overall case study and its vitality
  3. The aim should be mentioned here
  4. The reason for the case study should be mentioned
  5. Some overview of your findings and issues
  • The findings will explain the details comprehensively
  1. Mention all the major issues identified by the case study
  2. Issues with the proper analysis
  3. Should also mention the rationale behind the topic
  4. Any other persistent issues
  5. Justify the reason behind choosing a case study as your methodology with a proper explanation
  6. This should be divided into various headings and subheadings
  • Discussion
  1. Should have details about the problems
  2. Solution to problems
  3. Provides details about each solution with the potential advantage and disadvantages c
  • Conclusion
  1. All the purposes of the topic should be summarized
  2. You need to outline the objective, scope, finding, and recommendations
  3. You can also mention any limitations of your research
  • Recommendation
  1. Pointing towards each alternative solution
  2. Briefing about the suitable solution
  3. Incorporation of theory and practice
  4. An action plan can be highlighted along with the role of each level and segment.
  5. You can also provide financial data and potential cost

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