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Geometry is a fantastic branch

Geometry is a branch of mathematics concerned with sizes, areas, and shapes and is quite interesting to go over. We will soon mention a summary of geometry’s history later in this essay. Is geometry only about area sales and size? No, it is about curves anything to a line of two points for anything that has an angle under the area of geometry.

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The branches of the field

The multiple branches of geometry as you explore geometry which commences at the high school level there is differential geometry which is considered to be a little higher than High school. It is mostly taught in colleges.

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Geometry in High school

Geometry is also tiring in High school you must have seen those area charts hanging in your class. Analytical geometry which is also in high school but of course, there are also a huge range of these topics which are not taught exactly in High school. Topology is a study of shapes that under concentration is quite different from the other topics’ dimensions in this essay but it comes under geometry.

Historical evolution

Let’s start with the history and evolution of geometry. The earliest record of geometry was found in early Egypt and Mesopotamia geometry was mainly concerned with the length angles and areas.

Thales of Miletus made some contribution to geometry as well. First by applying the detective reasoning in geometry books that contain these deductions were called Thales theorem.

In this period, there  are a lot of contributions to geometry, math, science and culture as well. One significant person to mention here would be Euclid. He gave us reasoning and postulates in his book. It was a crucial contribution to mathematics, of course we have to mention Archimedes. Afterwards thousands and thousands of years it took us to arrive at today the modern understanding of geometry. There were a lot of contributions made to the subject by Indians ,French and people from around the world. The list is too long to mention here.

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