How To Write Research Paper

Writing a research paper might seem a complicated task for students who do not have any prior experience of writing one. But with a little knowledge and a little help from experts you can easily write a compelling research paper even without having the required expertise. Even though every research paper comes with a set of guidelines that needs to be followed to the book to write a flawless research paper, more or less the structure remains the same for all research papers.

Basic Structure

The basic structure of a research paper includes a proper understanding of what is being asked for, the research topic, preliminary research to collect relevant information, a thesis statement, an outline, the first draft, an interesting introduction, a compelling body text, a complete conclusion, the final draft, and reference list.

  • Understanding Of What Is Being Asked For

Before a student sets to write a research paper he needs to first have a clear conceptual understanding of what needs to be done and for this they need to first understand what is being asked for. Without a proper understanding it is not possible for them to write a proper research paper.

  • The Research Topic

After they have figured out exactly what is expected out of them they need to pick a research topic. Generally the research topic is assigned by the university that they need to write on and the topic assigned to them already is rarely changed on request. But in some cases the students are given the privilege of choosing the research topic. In this case they need to choose a topic that is relevant and at the same time interests them. Students who feel confused on which topic to choose can seek study help from SourceEssay experts.  They are experts who provide students with a variety of topics to choose from based on their interest and the guidelines provided to them.

  • Primary Research

Whether you are working towards inventing something that has never been thought of or you are working towards highlighting a new angle to an already proven point and are trying to find out something that has never been spoken about, students need to perform a preliminary research to extract information from reliable sources. This information is then used by students based on which the research paper is written. Most students who are new to writing a research paper are not aware of the reliable sources from where the information can be extracted. It is the moment when students need immediate assistance from my assignment help experts from SourceEssay. There are a team of experts who assist students throughout the research.

  • Preparing A Thesis Statement And An Outline Of The Research Paper

A research paper is a long form of writing where you need to write pages and pages of research. Therefore to ensure that students do not deviate from the main point they need to first prepare an outline of the research paper. This outline contains all the important points that need to be included in the research paper. And based on the outline students prepare a thesis statement which is nothing but a short synopsis of what all the research paper is all about. This statement helps readers understand what does the research paper contain and the statement also highlights the need of writing the research to draw the attention of the readers. 

  • First Draft

To cut down the time spent on rework students prepare a first draft that includes the introduction of a body text highlighting the main points of the research paper and a conclusion that throws light on the results. This first draft along with the thesis statement is sent to professionals for approval and feedback. Only after the feedback is incorporated in the draft and approved by the authority should students start working on the final draft.

  • Referencing list

Since all the information is extracted from published sources to avoid falling into the plagiarism trap students need to attach a referencing list  at the end of the research paper. The referencing list contains details of the information provided like source name, date of publication, author name etc. To make sure the research paper is absolutely unique students need to provide in-text citations in case there are too many sources involved. Students who do not have much experience in providing references can seek university assignment help from SourceEssay.  

Therefore if you are facing difficulties constructing a research paper you can seek immediate assistance from professional, qualified and highly committed research paper writers from SourceEssay who have years of experience in writing a flawless research paper. They make sure the research papers are absolutely unique and free from errors before they are sent to students for final submissions. Protection Status
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