Psychological effects of human trafficking on the victims.

Human trafficking Human trafficking is a serious concern which is happening almost everywhere. Thus, in short,  we can say that it is a global concern that is also related to mental health as well those with a history of trafficking or any category under it  always suffer from plenty of Mental Health concerns  which...

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Explain the ICS (Institute of Classical Studies)

Institute of Classical Studies (ICS)  Institute of Classical Studies, in short form ICS, just celebrated its 70th anniversary on October 16, 2023. ICS is renowned for?  The ICS is renowned for its resource centers which focus on history, art, archaeology, philosophy, and language and the nucleus is the Greek and Roman Worlds. Internationally recognized...

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Difference Between Autocratic and Democratic Leadership

Introduction to Autocratic leadership A management style known as autocratic leadership involves one individual having complete control of every decision and soliciting almost no input from the other individuals in the group. Autocratic leaders do not prefer to consult with others or seek their suggestions or recommendations when making decisions; rather they prefer to...

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Online Shopping vs. In-Store Shopping

Online Shopping Vs In-Store Shopping, Compare and Contrast Essay

Introduction To Online Shopping Considering the consistent change in the modern standard of living and mostly human preferences to lead a modernized version or lifestyle where they do not prefer to waste time on going to physical stores but rather spend time on their phone or other mobile devices. This brings attention to online...

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Apple Or Google Pixel

Apple Or Google Pixel: Which Is Better?

Introduction To Apple Apple introduced the first iPhone in 2007. Apple has been enhancing the capabilities of its Smartphone for many years, creating faster, more innovative, and more streamlined machines (iPhone Commodity Chain. 2023). Apple provides both the IOS operating system and the Safari web browser. Apple iPhone have risen to become one of...

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Antisocial Personality Disorder

Antisocial Personality Disorder – Symptoms And Causes

Introduction An antisocial personality disorder is a specific mental health issue in which the individual behaves harshly with other people and the person often does not consider what is right and wrong and what is legal and illegal. Individuals who are suffering from antisocial personality disorder often perform unethical deeds and they also do...

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Blockchain Technology

Implementation Of Blockchain Technology In UK Banking

Abstract Nowadays banking industry has been highly impacted by economic and digital transformation. The application of digital innovation to financial accumulation, transaction, and monetary concerns has been obtained. Blockchain technology including cryptocurrency is known as that particular technology, an innovation that promises to fill any financial management and transaction gap with its application in...

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Overview Of Synopsis

Overview Of Synopsis: How To Write A Project Synopsis?

Introduction A synopsis is defined as the gist of a planned project that is submitted for approval from the competent authorities and provides panoramic view of the research for better and in-depth analysis by the reviewers. As stated by Debakey (2020), synopsis provides an integral part of the research project and it helps to...

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Labelling Theory

Overview Of Labelling Theory

Introduction Labelling theory is defined as the way people identifies and behaves in ways those help reflecting the way others label them and is also associated with the crime sociology since labelling any person deviant unlawfully and that leads to poor conduction. As stated by Alzubi, Nayyar & Kumar (2018), labelling theory is the...

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Comparison of Financial Analysis of Barclays And HSBC

Comparison Of Financial Analysis Of Barclays And HSBC

Introduction The present discussion in the study would evolve through comparison of financial analysis considering Barclays Plc and HSBC Holdings Plc. Originally, being founded in 1690 Barclays was established as goldsmith banking services. However, currently, Barclays Plc is a British multinational financial service and universal banking company that has headquartered in London, England. On...

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