Marks N Spencers

Marketing Strategies Of Marks N Spencers UK

Introduction The most competitive fashion retail brands in the whole wide needs to constantly diversify clear marketing initiatives in order to sustain the global competition. Marks and Spencer are one of the top 10 fashion retail brands in the world. The company falls within the premium clothing market segment of UK. In addition to...

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AHRI Model

The AHRI Model Of Excellence

Introduction  The advancement in business has also impacted the HR department which have evolved tremendously over the years. Human resource department was often addressed as the personnel department which was just associated with record keeping, ensuring that regulations are abided by the company while being in compliance with laws along with determining employee wages,...

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Music Therapy

Positive Impact Of Music Therapy For Patients With Brain Injuries 

Introduction Music is an art form that is deeply rooted into the human culture, civilization, heritage and customs throughout the decades. As mentioned by Reddy et al. (2017), music has an immense effect on human brains and music listening in innumerable forms can provide soothing and calming effect, even helps in alleviating sadness, anxiety...

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Insomnia Affect

How Does Insomnia Affect A Person?

Introduction Majority of people around the world experience the condition of insomnia one time or the other during their entire life span. There are a large number of elementary factors like stress or jet lag or improper diet conditions which increases the scope of being impacted by insomnia. In america itself, there are 60...

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Nursing Research Topics

Methods For Selecting Interesting Nursing Research Topics

Hospitals, clinics and various healthcare platforms are typically comprising stressful environment. Under time pressure, work conditions, patient’s situation, health care professions make difficult decisions. In most health care setting, nurses demand increases exponentially as they pose less autonomy, less career development opportunities and changes.  The current economic crisis and pandemic surge have burden nursing...

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Hybrid Project Management

Hybrid Project Management Approaches

Introduction The essay is going to discuss the hybrid project management approaches and their significance in the dynamic and hyper connected industry these days. In addition to that hybrid is capable enough of handling the change requirements and because of the iterative nature of this approach, it would end up delivering products in various...

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Cloud Computing

Virtualization In Cloud Computing

Introduction Virtualization involves creating virtual devices, infrastructures and servers as well as developing virtual computing resources. In addition to that virtualization is responsible for changing the software-hardware relationship whilst it is considered as one of the foundational components associated with the technology of cloud computing. It is analysed that virtualization in cloud computing technology...

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Fishbone Diagram

Fishbone Diagrams For Root Cause Analysis

The fishbone diagram is one of the pioneered tools used for quality management. In modern-day problems, many organizations or managers of the firms in the contemporary business environment fails to identify the real cause of the problems. Therefore, as a result, it will ultimately lead to the failure of the project or any operation...

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TOEFL Vs IELTS – Know Differences And Similarities

Introduction Students who are planning to undergo education abroad in any English native country for bachelor’s or master’s degree will have to submit their scores in IELTS or TOEFL exam. The primary similarity in both these exams is that both are standardized examinations for determination of the English level of the individual. Both the...

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