Concept Maps And Nursing Theory: A Pedagogical Approach

Introduction According to (Culha, 2019), Teaching and learning Nursing theory is believed the challenge the abstractness of the content where all the traditional approaches come under consideration for the purpose of teaching-learning. The engaged students who are in this process have the perception of detachment from the practice and implication of the theory. Some...

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Marketing Psychology

Marketing Psychology: Tactics To Influence Consumers

Introduction Understanding and learning about marketing psychology help in accessing tailored and effective content for the consumers and that imposes an influence over the Targeted audience in the market. According to the report of (FE International. 2022), where McRaney highlights the strategy or process to be used in thinking about rational Individuals in the...

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Labelling Theory

Overview Of Labelling Theory

Introduction Labelling theory is defined as the way people identifies and behaves in ways those help reflecting the way others label them and is also associated with the crime sociology since labelling any person deviant unlawfully and that leads to poor conduction. As stated by Alzubi, Nayyar & Kumar (2018), labelling theory is the...

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What Is An Allusion? Definition And Examples

What Is An Allusion? Definition And Examples

Have you ever stumbled into an online enigma that compelled you to spend hours researching? Have you ever gone “down the rabbit hole” in search of answers to a mystery? You may have said things like “a rabbit hole I don’t want to go down” or “being sucked down a rabbit hole” in comparable...

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PTSD:Effective Coping Strategies

PTSD: Effective Coping Strategies

Introduction As per APA (American Psychological Association), PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) has been stated as the anxiety disorder, which has been developed among experiencing trauma. As opined by Baral and Bhagawati (2019), post-traumatic stress disorder has been caused to an individual while he/she witnesses to any shocking or frightening event or being a part...

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Theory Of Consumer Choice

The Theory Of Consumer Choice

Introduction Stigum (2021) said that there is a relation between the choices of the consumer and the demand curve. The graphical representation of this relationship is done in accordance with the microeconomics where the choice of the consumers to spend money is related to the demand curve of consumers is given by the theory...

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GUI Programming In MATLAB

The Role Of GUI Programming In MATLAB

Introduction The Graphical User Interfaces is also termed as apps and are responsible for providing pint and click control associated with a range of different types of software applications and also for eliminating the requirement for others to learn how to type the commands or to gain skills on a programming language in order...

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5 P's of Marketing

5 P’s of Boost Juice Marketing

Introduction This research study evaluates the marketing tactics by analysis of the 5 P’s of marketing used as a part of marketing mix. The evolution breaks down the marketing tactics of the boost juice company to scrutinize the typical strategy and tactics. It helps the researcher to decode the strength and risk and finding...

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