Business Ethics: A Philosophical And Behavioral Approach

Business ethics is stated as the relevant and appropriate business practices and policies regarding the inclusion of corporate governance, fiduciary responsibilities, insider trading, discrimination, bribery, and corporate social responsibility (CSR). As stated by Bietti (2020), business ethics is defined as applied ethics as well as professional ethics for the application of business aspects and…

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The Concept Of Game Theory

Introduction In the present world with complex real-life situations, it becomes necessity to make optimal decision-making, specifically in controlled situations and environment. In that context, the theoretical framework to conceive social situations would be relevant. And, the concept of Game Theory would realise it. In certain respects, game theory is considered as science of…

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Comprehensive Vs. Focused Assessment

Comprehensive Vs. Focused Assessment In Nursing

Introduction A patient’s condition is approached holistically in comprehensive health evaluations or Nursing, which also screen for a variety of problems, whereas focused assessments are more constrained and detail-oriented. The thorough evaluations provide a holistic picture of the patient’s health. In addition to concentrated assessments, they ought to be used. Nurses risk missing some…

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Extrinsic Vs Intrinsic Motivation

Extrinsic Vs Intrinsic Motivation: Difference And Examples

Introduction Motivation is the reason or the force that influences human beings or animals to behave in a particular way in order to achieve some particular goals. Motivation plays an important role in human life for improving the performance of human beings in both their professional life and their personal life. While motivating other…

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Instacart Business Model

Instacart Business Model: Market Insights And How It Works?

What Is Instacart? Instacart is a platform for on-demand online grocery that facilitate the delivery of grocery items and other residential essentials to people’s doors in u.s. Metropolitan areas (JungleWorks. 2022). Many budding entrepreneurs are curious to learn more about the Instacart business model and how it is working to create the next big…

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Nursing Training And Development

Nursing Training And Development In Australia

Introduction Nursing is one of the most famous professions and career options in Australia. A large number of people are associated with this profession and even people from various foreign countries also come to Australia for nursing training or even for pursuing their careers in the field of nursing. Because of the increasing number…

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Blockchain Technology

Implementation Of Blockchain Technology In UK Banking

Abstract Nowadays banking industry has been highly impacted by economic and digital transformation. The application of digital innovation to financial accumulation, transaction, and monetary concerns has been obtained. Blockchain technology including cryptocurrency is known as that particular technology, an innovation that promises to fill any financial management and transaction gap with its application in…

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