Covid 19 DELTA Variant

Covid 19 DELTA Variant- Know How Harmful It Could Be

Introduction Since the first month of the pandemic, we are quite familiar with the what kind of symptom typical COVID 19 variants can produce as soon as it enters into the body. Last week, the World health organization warned about the growing occurrence of the Delta variant that was found in different regions of...

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BSBMGT617 Develop And Implement A Business Tasks

Course Code : BSBMGT617 Course Title : Develop And Implement A Business Tasks Assessment Task 1 Answer 1 There are specific benefits of having a business plan force to the first benefits identification of the business opportunities which might be available to any organisation and the can be utilised for guiding the organisation towards sustainable...

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Greenhouses Affect

How Greenhouses Affect Economic Growth

Introduction There is growing scientific and public concern arose with the increased concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. A greenhouse gases emission from fossil fuels, anthropogenic activities are largely associated with various economic activities that are a major driver of climate change. In the past decades, gross US GHGs emissions increased by 2...

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HA2032 Corporate And Financial Accounting Assignment

Course Code : HA2032 Course Title : Corporate and Financial Accounting Assignment University : Holmes Institute Question 1                                                                                                                  (7 Marks) XYZ Ltd was registered on 30 June 2020. The next day, the directors issued a prospectus inviting applicants for 200,000 ordinary shares with an issue price of $1. The shares were payable in...

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How Do Companies Use CSR To Build Their Brands?

Nowadays many companies are engaged in Corporate Social Responsibility behaviour similar to a part of normal business operations. These activities are aiming to build a positive brand image, increasing media clutter and valuable tangible assets. It tends to create an impactful brand image in the brain of consumers. The majority of the companies that...

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Micro Financing And Poverty Alleviation

Micro Financing And Poverty Alleviation

Introduction Poverty alleviation is one of the significant components of UN sustainable development goals. The provision of microfinancing has changed the attitudes towards helping the poor and in some countries, flows of credits would normally be attempted to assess the outreach. More than half of the working-age population about 2.5 billion don’t have access to...

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Neurology And Reliability Of Long-Term Memory

Introduction The development of long-term memories involves a function required essentially for the adaptive survival of a human being. However, in the past couple of decades, there has been considerable progress made in the evaluation of the biological bases associated with the formation of memory. Then again, the identification of the related mechanisms needed...

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Massive open online courses or MOOCs

The Growth Of Massive Open Online Course (MOOCs)

Introduction Massive open online courses or MOOCs term was first coined by David Cormier in a meeting and introduced in 2008 when it was decided 25 regular students will be moved online to extend the teaching. In educational trends, it is a buzzword, where some researchers refer to MOOCs as the tsunami that challenges...

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Mac vs Windows

Is Mac Safer Than Windows?

Introduction In the last week, when the Russian security firm, Dr Web revealed they have found a botnet leading half of a million Mac computers infected, a mass revolution has been set to enhance the security of Mac. Traditionally Apple has marketed its products as being more secure than other Microsoft running products, but...

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