Diploma in Business Administration Co-op

This one-year Diploma in Business Administration Co-op programme is designed for students who desire to pursue a career in business administration. Marketing, finance, human resources, and management are just a few of the industries where graduates can find work.

Throughout this one-year post-secondary credential, you will learn abilities in marketing, finance, organisational behaviour, and business strategy that are crucial to running a firm efficiently and effectively. The Diploma in Business Administration Co-op serve as a stepping stone into the workforce by teaching students the fundamental skills required for positions such as accounting manager, financial administrator, office services coordinator, financial planning and analysis manager, and budget analyst. The programme is designed for students who desire to advance their careers in business by developing skills that are necessary for advancement. This diploma will provide you with the skills and information necessary to begin a career in the business sector, covering everything from business process management principles to strategic decision-making. You will be able to demonstrate understanding of all aspects of business administration and use process management tool suites after completing this programme.

The modules include:

  1. Fundamentals of Business Communications
  2. Principles of Accounting
  3. Business Environment
  4. Managing Financial Resources
  5. Organizational Behaviour
  6. Marketing Principles
  7. Business Decision Making
  8. Research Project
  9. Work Placement (Co-op)

After completing this course, you will be able to:

• Recognize and comprehend successful business procedures and theories, such as how to handle finances, the fundamental concepts of marketing, and how to develop effective strategies.

• Gain the skills and knowledge needed to make an influence in the workplace, such as understanding the relationships between organisations and various local, national, and worldwide settings.

• Improve your communication abilities by using cognitive and problem-solving skills and working effectively both individually and as part of a team.

• Gain real-world experience in the business world.

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