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Financial reporting is the systematic process of reporting and summarizing financial transaction using income and cash flow statements and retained earnings. 

Accounting encompasses the entire financial transaction but financial accounting is based on the accurate flow of information based on Generally accepted accounting principles. GAAP sets accounting standards on a wide array of accounting concepts. 

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Four Basic Element of Financial Accounting

The four basic elements of financial accounting include cash flow statement, income statement, balance sheet and statement of retained earnings. 

An income statement includes the net income or revenue of the company in a certain period. Income extracted from subtracting total expenses from the total revenues. An income statement also referred to as a Profit and loss statement.

Similarly cash flow statements document company debts and income over a specific period. It is associated with cash, depreciation and amortization costs. A cash flow statement also reflects the viability of the company to define whether the company is capable of overcoming debts or not. 

As it is said by thethesis help writerA balance sheet shows what the company has owned and what it owes along with shareholder equity. Assets will include cash prepaid expenses, note receivable, inventory, machinery and equipment and intangible assets

Similarly, liability includes deferred tax, current tax, payroll, warranty obligation, mortgages, current tax and account payable. Shareholder equity includes stock, earnings, comprehensive income. A balance sheet should be based on a formula-

Assets= Liabilities + Shareholder equity

Financial Accounting Principles

During the financial reporting, there are certain rules and principles you must adhere to. GAAP, FASB, and AASB are common principles dominating financial accounting principles. 

Using GAAP, companies can manage their finances, summarize the statement and then disclose the complementary evidence. An organization using GAAP can manage and compare they’re financial easily

FASB is an independent non-profit organization working on developing financial standards. FASB improves the financial reporting thereby correct decisions can be made by investors. 

AASB develops, maintains and issues financial standards that are applied to all the company. The main aim of AASB is to improve the financial reporting standards

Financial reporting begins with the collection of data from different business operations and units. All the financial expenses must be collected from the cash receipts, official bills, salary slips and much more. Make sure each sale receipt must be reported to give proof of accounting sales. 

At the next level of financial accounting assignment student may ask to summarize the raw data involving reviewing the sales receipts, daily, monthly or weekly financial reporting presented in the tax departments of the financial year. In most situations, students seek assistance from instant assignment helpto get insight among the raw data and formulation of income and cash flow statements. 

What is benefitting of communicating a Financial Statement?

Communicating exact financial statements with customers, stakeholders, shareholder equity employees is a basic component showing company reliability. This also promotes transparency and improves shareholder trusts. The company financial accounting information helps the investors to make the right decisions, allowing a person to determine the important area of weakened areas. 

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