Voice Search

Voice Search-How Voice search Is Reshaping E-Commerce

Introduction According to Kraus et al., (2019), voice search is considered as the action through the use of speech for asking queries as well as providing commands to a compatible device to fulfil the requirement. Voice search is moreover a technology that allows a user to utilize a voice command for performing searches on...

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What is a Gerund – Definition And Examples

Introduction According to (Lowe, 2017), Gerund is known as the noun form of a verb that ends with ‘ing’. For example ‘playing’, ‘Eating’, ‘dancing’ and similar. Right away Gerund becomes confusing in learning as these can be used in form of a continuous form of the verb.  Gerund, pronounced as ‘Jerund’, is a verb...

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PTSD:Effective Coping Strategies

PTSD: Effective Coping Strategies

Introduction As per APA (American Psychological Association), PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) has been stated as the anxiety disorder, which has been developed among experiencing trauma. As opined by Baral and Bhagawati (2019), post-traumatic stress disorder has been caused to an individual while he/she witnesses to any shocking or frightening event or being a part...

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Theory Of Consumer Choice

The Theory Of Consumer Choice

Introduction Stigum (2021) said that there is a relation between the choices of the consumer and the demand curve. The graphical representation of this relationship is done in accordance with the microeconomics where the choice of the consumers to spend money is related to the demand curve of consumers is given by the theory...

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GUI Programming In MATLAB

The Role Of GUI Programming In MATLAB

Introduction The Graphical User Interfaces is also termed as apps and are responsible for providing pint and click control associated with a range of different types of software applications and also for eliminating the requirement for others to learn how to type the commands or to gain skills on a programming language in order...

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Tourette Syndrome

Tourette Syndrome : Cause & Effects

Introduction Fundamentally, it is seen that a syndrome is the set of medical signs as well as symptoms that are correlated with each other and often related to any specific diseases or disorders. It is often observed that people mixes up diseases with syndrome. A disease can be defined as the health condition that...

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Viva Tips

Viva Tips : Things To Consider When Preparing For Your Viva Exam

Introduction The viva voce is colloquially known as the ‘‘viva’’or ‘‘oral’’ is performed in the form of an interview between examiners and students. While it has its caveats, viva holds a prolonged history of use among undergraduate and postgraduate students and by the institution. Beyond written exams, Viva demands a special skill set from...

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Qualitative And Quantitative Research

Importance Of Qualitative And Quantitative Research In Nursing

Introduction Selection of effective research methods is necessary to investigate a field and the related consequences in a critical manner. Quantitative and qualitative methods are two essential research methods which can be easily applied in the nursing fields and it is helpful to investigate over a healthcare situation be collecting lots of relevant data....

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