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Does Youtube Influence Buying Behaviour Of Customer

Impact Of Youtube Ads On Buying Behavior Of Customers In this digital world, YouTube is used for video ad campaigning to influence the buying behavior of customers by communicating the product and services offered by the company. YouTube channel is the second largest search engine that is used as a promotional tool by the...

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Understanding Vroom Expectancy Theory Of Motivation

Vroom Expectancy Motivation Theory Victor vroom has contributed towards understanding the role of motivation in improving employee satisfaction. The theory was proposed in the year 1964 at the Yale School of Management. Vroom has focused on the outcome by mentioning that the intensity of a tendency to perform in a specific manner depends on...

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Impact Of E-Marketing On Influencing Consumer Purchase Decision

With technological advancement, there is an increase in the internet and the development of web 2.0 that increase interconnectivity among the customers. It has changed customer behavior and influence decision making of customers. There is a change in human interaction significantly due to social network building for engaging customers result in influencing customer behavior....

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Professional Assignment Help In Digital Marketing Course

Important Aspects Of Digital Marketing Course The role of digital media has been increased in the present competitive environment result in marketing electronically to communicate among the target audience. The digital media allows exploring businesses that support in building a network to distribute products and services globally. The use of digital marketing has increased...

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Stress Management Tips For Students

Stress Management In this technological and competitive world, there is an increase in competition among the students for scoring higher marks in academics result in attaining career goals. However, every individual has its own level of understanding, capabilities, and learning skills which create pressure on students for growth and learning. When stressful events exposed without...

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Part-Time Work Culture Of Singapore Students

Singapore is ranked third out of 137 countries across the world. It is the cosmopolitan melting of various cultures that comprises the unique mix of western and Asian cultural influences. Singapore government has adopted a non-interventionist approach which provides in developing cultural tendencies to predominate. The companies are located in Singapore that exhibits predominant...

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Employee satisfaction and work motivation

Employee Satisfaction And Work Motivation – Are They Both Related?

It is well informed that the motivated employee is an asset for a business that provides long term sustainable returns to the business. It supports maximizing the shareholder’s wealth by integrating the employee’s needs with business. The role of employee satisfaction is significant to contribute to business success. Employee satisfaction and business performance are...

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Influencer Marketing

Influence The Market By Influencer Marketing : Benefits And Roles

Influence Audience By Influencer Marketing Influencer marketing is one of the best options for building a brand online and creating awareness among the target audience. According to Forbes, influencer marketing is increasing tremendously by increasing demand for digital advertising which emphasizes the leveraging of industry leaders. It develops a win-win situation for business where...

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Digital currency vs Cryptocurrency

Digital Currency Vs Cryptocurrency

This is an era of the rapid transformation of a digital economy where everything is organized into bits. Any activity done in the sphere of the digital platform can be shared, accessed, and propagated into analog form. So how couldn’t currency enter into its communities? In 1990, the first electronic cash company DigiCash was...

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Elastic And Inelastic Demand-The Most Significant Key Differences

Price Elasticity Of Demand The concept of elasticity of demand is one of the major topics in economics. Demand further divided into inelastic, elastic, and unitary. The elasticity of demand, defined as the degree of which demand and supply respond as per change in other factors such as substitutes availability, income level, price, and...

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