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How Can Students Make Effective Study Notes?

Notes making is always considered as a useful tool for students to survive during exams pressure. If your notes are not clear, specific or unorganized at first, heading off to the next level of learning might become difficult. A student starts with exam preparation will definitely require notes that will ease their last-minute preparation....

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Mobile Phone Is Not Just A Distraction: How It Can Help Students

Mobile phones have become an integral part of the student’s life in recent times. A lot of people believe Technology and Student Distraction work hand in hand, students tend to get distracted due to mobiles. But a majority of students and educationalists believe the mobile phone is not just a distraction. It has its uses that...

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Why Assignment Writing Is Beneficial For Every Scholar?

As a part of internal evaluation processes, immense value has given to assignment writing by the professor. A range of assignments allotted to students such as essays, annotated bibliography, literature reviews, journals and case studies for completing students’ evaluation. Among them, scholarship essay assignments are more common and are useful to refine analytical skills....

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Why UK Higher Education Is Attractive To International Students

The population of international students in UK universities has considerably grown since the 19th century. In 2018 statistics provided by higher education statistics agency revealed around 485645 international students pursuing higher education in the UK. The majority of students come from non-European countries contributing 45% of the highest population.  In fact, a growing number...

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Superior Tips On Business Intelligence Assignment

A set of processes that combine the architecture and technology to convert raw data into usable information that is required for the growth and development of business known as business intelligence or BI. Its complexities in the structure and concepts make it difficult for students to get a grab of the subject. This is...

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Why Meditation Can Be The Best Alternative To Any Study Help

Meditation is like food for the brain. It helps to regenerate dead cells and improves concentration and rejuvenates the human body. As students step into the academic world their minds deviate in various directions. They require a lot of enthusiasm and concentration to excel in their field of academics. In this article we are...

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Artificial Intelligence In Education

How AI Is Making Human Life More Easy?

Over the years, Technology consistently increases its arc of development, where slowly and gradually human abilities are augmented by Artificial Intelligence. The ability of Artificial Intelligence to apprehend the human conversation promises the transfer of human lives across the globe.  As Google CEO, Sunder Pichai says, AI is a core transformative by which we...

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