FNS40217 Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping

Whether you are starting your own business, or thinking of taking the next step in your accounting or bookkeeping career, or in case you have been looking to register as a Business Activity Statement (BAS) agent, this qualification is definitely going to be proven beneficial for you. You get to accumulate all the knowledge and skills you need to get there.

The Accounting and Bookkeeping FNS40217 Certificate IV  further teaches you many useful financial skills, including:

• Accounting and bookkeeping basics

• How to create financial reports and manage your operating budget

• Establishment and operation of accounting system (including cloud computing practice)

 • Payroll management and business activity report (BAS) preparation • Financial industry customer service standards

• Design and create business documents

• SME planning

• Accounting and Bookkeeping

FNS40217 Certificate IV is specially designed for the current tasks of the bookkeeping and bookkeeping industry, maximizing the chances of success.

• This course meets the educational requirements of the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) for enrolling as a Business Evidence Agent (BAS), as the two units are approved by the TPB. Other conditions apply, including the duration of the hands-on experience.

 • Learn financial skills ranging from creating operating budgets and financial reports to setting up and running accounting systems, managing salaries, and creating business records

. • Signing up for this course will provide both the Australian Bookkeeper Network (ABN) and the Association of Certified Accountants (IPA) with a $ 400 worth of free 12-month membership. It’s a great opportunity to learn from the best and expand your network.

• Exclusive access to Reckon One accounting software for 24 months to practice your newly acquired skills.

 • This course aims to provide you with the practical skills and knowledge you need to make a name for yourself in the accounting industry.

Courses to be covered under FNS40217 Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping,

Foundations in accounting and bookkeeping

FNSACC311Process financial transactions and extract interim reports

Preparing ledgers

FNSACC312Administer subsidiary accounts and ledgers

Financial reporting

BSBFIA401Prepare financial reports

Requirements for non-reporting entities

FNSACC414Prepare financial statements for non-reporting entities

Cloud-based computing

BSBSMB412Introduce cloud computing into business operations

Computerised accounting systems

FNSACC416Set up and operate a computerised accounting system

Managing payroll

FNSTPB402Establish and maintain payroll systems

Managing business activity statements

FNSTPB401Complete business activity and instalment activity statements

Implement Customer Service Standards

BSBCUS403Implement customer service standards

Working effectively in financial services

FNSACC408Work effectively in the accounting and bookkeeping industry

Designing business documents

BSBITU306Design and produce business documents

Operational budgets

FNSACC412Prepare operational budgets

Small business planning

BSBSMB404Undertake small business planning

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