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Upskill their workforce Researchers and educators have a great role in identifying the significant gaps in corporations and companies worldwide. They lack necessary skills and knowledge to implement sustainable transformation, all the leaders and educated heads need to upskill their workforce to enable sustainable commitments to actionable results to gain sustainability literacy skills. They…

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What motivates Odysseus to dress as a beggar?

Understand the themes What motivates Odysseus to dress as a beggar? This story of humor or the epic of Odyssey has many underlines. Though there is a simple answer, we have to understand the themes in the story to get a better idea of what the character was motivated for. So before we start,…

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What all Challenges student face when studying in the UK ?

Transformative experience. There are plenty of advantages to studying in the United Kingdom. People from all around the world gather there to pursue their dream of higher education. It is a favorite destination for international students seeking a high cultural experience along with high-quality education. Research and development are something that every country is…

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Taxing unhealthy food helps cut obesity, says global study

Decreasing health issues Recently, Mexico has taken an extraordinary step toward decreasing health issues by implementing taxes on foods that can be categorized as unhealthy. This move is aimed at tackling the rising obesity-related issues in the younger generation. HFSS will help the government They are having multiple health issues due to obesity and…

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Student experience of open day in University of Birmingham?

Why open day at the University? You wish to discover and navigate a university or potential educational location. Every institution has an open day, which can be a fantastic chance for students to get the help in Assignment Help Birmingham visit and navigate their journey. If you want to join the University of Birmingham…

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