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Humans replaced by AI?

The question that always comes to our mind after the release of artificial intelligence such as chat GPT in the market is whether it will replace the creators and writers. Elon Musk said about AI it is scary good. In straightforward terms, he explained how artificial intelligence is remarkable for us but it is dangerously strong as well which can influence our society.  Although the multiple tremendous experts are concerned about the emerging high rate of artificial intelligence. Bill Gates also commented that he is perfectly impressed by artificial Intelligence and innovation. It is still something that intimidates a lot of people where it is proceeding.

What is AI or Chatgpt?

Let’s discuss what is chat GPT, it is an artificial intelligence-driven chatbot or a generative AI that was launched around November 2022.

It is an incredible AI tool that works as a human brain to create a text, communicate with users and learn the material.It is created by Open AI which is a research laboratory based in California Elon Musk is the co-founder and the CEO is Sam.

Open source of AI

open source chat gpt which anyone can employ. After the launch just one week ago, more than one billion users started to operate AI.

These artificial intelligence chat gpt makers wish to monetize this interesting opportunity. They undertook their paid beta version where it became faster.

Feasibility of AI 

 the smoothly available artificial intelligence becomes one of the most concerning and amazing things Artificially generated content, publishing and becoming normal in the of people.

Misuse of the AI

Learners are copying their homework, and assignments, and students are utilizing chat gpt To finalize their tasks. people using it in an unfair manner which is not considered very ethical.

Unethical manipulations of AI

To write their essays people utilize chat gpt which is unethical. Nonetheless, chat GPT may write a very promising article for you but it is not as amazing as you have considered this.

The shortcomings of Chatgpt

Let’s discuss some drawbacks. First of all, thesis statement generator and Chat GPT’s knowledge is only limited to 2021 because the data-based artificial intelligence was taught on data or trained on data and does not have access to events that happened after 2021.

the answers which are provided by chat GPT are not as immaculate, accurate, and coherent as you may think.

False information

it is instructed on data you can train these types of open sources on fake news or conspiracy theories and anything that is misinformation. AI does have a  brain to consider and think and to understand what is wrong and right.

in that light, it can deliver you fake wrong or unreliable answers to your question.

Fake citation, links and more

sometimes if you ask for the link or some citation for the essay. you have to check as it provides fake links or fake and incorrect links generate citation.

It is highly not trustworthy as the information that is provided by AI is not liable and artificially generated is proven to be wrong.

Different AI same essay

says on the same topic even from different Artificial Intelligence and even with different prompts may create quite similar content.

 it may initially seem accurate for the traditional Plagiarism tools to catch although new emerging Plagiarism will catch it.

Older plagiarism tools

We are knowledgeable the older and traditional Plagiarism checkers are not able to detect the AI-based chatbot or bard utilized any content but the emerge in artificial generated software and tools can snag these artificially generated articles.

How do AI detectors work?

 how the artificial intelligence detector tool works.  Therefore the chat GPT generated or artificial intelligence generator is predictable in their creation,  the frequency of what particular cases, the term,  knowledge and facts and everything incorporated in the essay are quite predictable.

 The chatgpt detectors can detect as if humans wrote.

AI is generated by the frequency and kind of word choices and this variety of grammatical patterns and structure is there.

Why not an old plagiarism tool?

If you use the plagiarism tool to check you will get to know nothing as they check the similarity of text or the essay similarity to other work on the same topic. Regardless it will not be able to find its issues as it is not identical to other work. Although those newly designed AI artificial intelligence tools can detect the pattern and the frequency of artificial intelligence in the essay or any article.

Copyleaks great AI detection tool

Copyleaks is one of the incredible AI detection tools.

  •  It can detect any kind of artificial intelligence-based generated content.
  •  It can work in more than 30 languages.
  •  it can detect any AI-generated content in more than 30 languages.
  • It can furthermore highlight the human written content and those that are written by artificial intelligence.
  • It can detect AI content along with Plagiarism as well as if there is any utilization of paraphrasing tools.
  •  It also works on detecting AI-generated codes from chat GPT, GitHub or anything else like that.


Scribbr also provides an artificial intelligence AI base tool that checks for Artificial generated content.

  • it is only able to detect English-based text.
  •  The maximum you can check is 500 words.
  •  It is powered by Turnitin.
  • it can check against more than 99 billion sources.

The academic integrity and Turnitin

As you are knowledgeable, academic integrity is a huge thing when it comes to writing. Moreover, due to Artificial Intelligence, it’s on the verge of despair.  Anyhow you do not have to worry as the Turnitin artificial intelligence detection tools are entirely extraordinary for students as well as for educators or any institution to check for artificially generated content.

 It has an AI writing indicator which allows educators or anyone to check how much the utilization of chat gpt, and artificial intelligence in the writing and how authentic the writing is.

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