Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of Mouth Marketing: Build WOM Marketing Strategies

Introduction In the particular context where the interest of a consumer in any brand’s products or relevant services can directly reflect on the regular interaction the customer has with the brand’s employees and this can be termed as word of mouth marketing or shortly WOM marketing (BigCommerce. 2023). Most significantly this has been taken...

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Marketing Plan

Steps To Create An Outstanding Marketing Plan

Introduction Marketing plan is an important part of an organisation. If any organisation needs to start any business or wants to sell their products as well as services, the management or concerned people needs to develop their marketing plan in a proper manner to understand the overall business environment in this context. Therefore, this...

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Customer Churn Strategies

Customer Churn Strategies To Reduce Customer Churn Rate

What is customer churn? According to (Optimove. 2022), customer churn also termed customer attrition implies the time when any customer can cease a relationship with an organization. Here the customer can act as a purchaser, player, user or subscriber to any company. Nowadays online e-commerce business treats consumers as churned once they get the...

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Marketing Psychology

Marketing Psychology: Tactics To Influence Consumers

Introduction Understanding and learning about marketing psychology help in accessing tailored and effective content for the consumers and that imposes an influence over the Targeted audience in the market. According to the report of (FE International. 2022), where McRaney highlights the strategy or process to be used in thinking about rational Individuals in the...

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5 P's of Marketing

5 P’s of Boost Juice Marketing

Introduction This research study evaluates the marketing tactics by analysis of the 5 P’s of marketing used as a part of marketing mix. The evolution breaks down the marketing tactics of the boost juice company to scrutinize the typical strategy and tactics. It helps the researcher to decode the strength and risk and finding...

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Marketing Plan Of ZARA

Online Marketing Plan Of ZARA

Introduction In the age of advanced media and science technology as customers have been flooded with Marketing messages now it is very hard for all the profit-making companies to progress efficiently without any kind of marketing and particularly internet-based marketing activities. This is because of the very swift adoption of internet as well as...

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Brand Positioning

The Effect Of Brand Positioning On Consumer Behavior

A brand can be the most potent asset a business possesses, but this doesn’t necessarily make it easy to define. Perhaps this is because in the digital age, the definition has broadened in scope to include not only a company and its mainstay product but also people.  The brand according to the business dictionary...

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5 C’s Of Marketing

5 C’s Of Marketing

The 5 C’s of marketing is a situation analysis framework for helping students determine the strengths and weaknesses of your brand, relative to the field in which you operate. A 5C analysis, alongside other widely used business tools like the SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats), serves as a method for helping professionals...

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