Marketing Psychology: Tactics To Influence Consumers

Marketing Psychology


Understanding and learning about marketing psychology help in accessing tailored and effective content for the consumers and that imposes an influence over the Targeted audience in the market. According to the report of (FE International. 2022), where McRaney highlights the strategy or process to be used in thinking about rational Individuals in the market who need a reason, a way out or a particular urge to purchase something from a specific brand and in this scenario marketing psychology along with the tactics play an important role. 

What is Marketing Psychology ?

Marketing psychology is a factor that can not be ignored during the creation of market Influence or targeting customer satisfaction over any brand or product. According to (Woodside, 2019), the term marketing psychology is used as a fairy self-explanatory term which implies the incorporated principles of psychology into the marketing plan where the involved Individuals need to take strategic actions for influencing consumers and change their decisions about the purchase. Incorporating marketing principles and strategies into content by understanding the psychology behind the purchase decision can be considered marketing psychology which goes on the way of looking into the patterns in humans and assessing the way of relating with the influence established on consumers. To know more about marketing psychology students can take assistance from SourceEssay marketing assignment help experts online.

As per the discussion made by (Maison, 2018), marketing psychology adds a manner of marketing strategies that directly reflect on the participants in a collective manner where the range of psychological principles is incorporated into the sales content and marketing strategy. The key consideration under this psychology is the understanding between the great market and customers as the marketer needs to understand what the consumers think and how they react towards any new launch, offer, or product promotion. Cognitive fluency is known as the concept in considering marketing psychology which helps in better communication and processing the information in a good and accurate manner. 

What Is The Importance Of Marketing Psychology?

According to (Saad, 2017), Marketing psychology adds a huge impact on customer influence and drives higher levels of sales for better revenue and income. When a great marketer engaged in marketing campaigns come along with better ideas to make consumer convinced about making the purchasing decision about the product or the service. this creation of realization among the consumers can only be made after an effective understanding of their psychology. For this reason, it can be said that marketing psychology is known to be an important concept in marketing and customer capturing strategies. In this manner to understand the importance of marketing psychology its important to understand what is going on behind the scenes where the craft marketing tactics along with the campaigns play an important role to help consumers in making a purchase decision. 

Marketing Psychology Principles To Influence Consumer Behavior

Marketing psychology works on the basis of human behaviors and decisions. This concept can be applied in the context of making consumer decisions which also results in the strategic application which also encourages the major decision-making process. However, the concept is how marketing psychology works in influencing consumer behavior. There are various principles and tactics that come under the implication of marketing psychology in the real action of influencing consumers. Starting from the key phrasing to the elicit, the response can be made to leverage the principle of scarcity and promote the products and services where they also work under a myriad of tactics to use in moving consumers from knowing about the product, to thinking about purchasing it and the final purchase journey. 

Reciprocity Principle

The reciprocity principle is known as an important tactic to influence consumers where the main idea about reciprocity works under social psychology. As individuals are depending on receiving something which they may offer in response and here the success of the idea of reciprocity made. Reciprocity also helps in building strong relationships in business-customers relationships and business-to-business relationships. Any marketers involved in marketing can offer something more exciting and valuable to the customers or other business dealers which can be proved beneficial for both the parties. 

Source: (Persuasion-nation. 2022)

The idea of reciprocity comes into action with a major understanding of human psychology utilized in marketing standards and techniques. Putting this concept into the actual psychological input into marketing and sales, various initiatives can be taken into account including coupons, ebooks, rewards, points-coins, discounts, free courses or even buy one get others (Huang et al., 2017). Here the marketers understand the actual way of drawing people’s attention and in reciprocity, action consumers come with a positive response by making their purchase decision. The marketer needs to consider the fact that no customers can feel obligated with any reciprocity actions or returned gesture but the Target with this tactic is to make them feel satisfied and confident about purchase decisions.

Color Psychology 

According to assignment help experts color psychology plays a fundamental role in marketing along with branding. This works as an effective tactic to consider by focusing on color as it’s observed that color has an impact on consumer behavior and decision-making process study shows the people who make their mind about the purchase of products can be influenced only by the color of the product, packaging or advertisement. 

As per the review of (Yu et al., 2020), color psychology has a correlation with the marketing tactics to get reach customers, and that help in making the mind proficient about the decision of purchasing only within 90 seconds. Color is known as a powerful key for the great marketers where they need to be clear to understand human psychology. A tendency toward color selection, and then the color of branding promotion. Color psychology adds emotions, culture, and experience and also portrays the entire thing so before going into a marketing campaign or other branding promotions it’s necessary to go for research about choosing a color to use in branding and marketing to use. 

Source : (DeVaughn, 2022)

The Golden Rule To Influence Customers

According to ( 2022), being attractive can be beneficial for seeking attention and creating an impression where it also raises the likeability and also the trustworthiness. At the same time, it can also be said that for the purpose of influencing customers it’s important to focus on the design of websites, and social media impressions for sticking with conventional rules of beauty and gravity. The golden rule or golden ratio can be used as a tactic of influencing consumers by focusing on the psychology after concerning the proportion of art and design relevant to nature, culture, spiral, and sequence. As a market influencer company needs to take propaganda about the website design with the addition of art where this tactic can be used in determining the visual appeal like the accuracy in font size, accuracy in using tables, rows or columns, accuracy in width or margins, heights and others. 

Source: ( 2022)

Foot In The Door Technique Influences Customers

As per the understanding ( 2022), Foot in the door is also known as a tactic used to influence consumers and make them convinced to purchase any product and service. The main idea behind this tactic is to comply with the aim of getting an individual to agree with the large request and make them agree with a modest level of request. An example can also be used of this tactic where the sales executive of any company comes to persuade sceptical customers and use this technique. As per the evidence (Mcleod, 2022), Foot in the door tactics works only when in work along with the principle of consistency and here individuals have less preference about the contradictions between belief and action.  To know more students can take help from consumer behavior assignment help experts .

Authority, Novelty, Humour and scarcity

Authority, novelty, humour, and scarcity three have three different notions under marketing psychology and principles. According to the report (Worrell, 2017), Authority refers to the power of influencing any opinion, perceptions, thought, or behavior. Thinking about the authority that an organization or any market owns implies they have the required source of knowledge, experience, expertise, and reputation which can be used as the major or fundamental technique to influence customers only by a few interactions. As people easily get influenced and trust them where they can get accurate information, sources, and knowledge. With owning authority, individuals also can use it to make consumers comfortable which also helps in understanding their psychology and closing the sale in an efficient manner and tactics.

In the viewpoint essay writing help, experts of Novelty is another concept that implies individuals purchasing products or services that are remarked as new or completely unknown to them. Here curiosity works as the major key tactic to influence consumers as they might feel that they came to know about new things and are able to achieve certain respective social statuses. 

Humor is another form of marketing psychology used as a fundamental tactic to get the attention of customers. This psychology builds positive relationships and also generates a positive impact on customers when a sales executive becomes humorous, or any advertisement highlights any relatable humor. For example, the company HelloFresh uploads various humorous posts on their social media related to food, catering, menu or others, and when consumers find that convenient and relative houmous they go for it. 

According to (Gupta, and Gentry, 2019), creating scarcity or urgency about any product or service in the market can be a major consumer Influence tactic to be used. This concept is known as the psychology of persuasion which invokes scarcity as the sense of urgency created in people’s lives for which the demand gradually increases. 

Fitt’s Law

Fitt’s law implies the time it takes someone for choosing a particular object depending on the way to measure the distance to be covered including the measurement of the size of that object (Schuetz et al., 2019). Here a large object can be chosen which is close enough to start a new position related to the objects to cover in the possible shortest time. Here in this law, two factors are important one is the distance, and another is the size. In simple understanding, to increase interactions for sales it’s important to reduce the distance between the object or create the size larger. 


At the end of this blog, it can be concluded that marketing psychology is directly related to the techniques to get more customer attention and also influence them to make a purchase decision. There are various factors and principles of marketing psychology that have their individual interrelationship with consumer influence techniques. Every organization follows one or specific principles to understand consumer psychology and uses this as a unique technique to put their influence on improving the structure of sales and position. 

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