Concept Maps And Nursing Theory: A Pedagogical Approach



According to (Culha, 2019), Teaching and learning Nursing theory is believed the challenge the abstractness of the content where all the traditional approaches come under consideration for the purpose of teaching-learning. The engaged students who are in this process have the perception of detachment from the practice and implication of the theory. Some students are unable to find a way to pass in understanding the theory and its implications. For this reason, to make students able to understand the concept of the theory and its application in real-term practice, research made on the concept of maps can be used in the utmost creative way. Here the engaged faculty in charge who comes with the responsibility to teach nursing theory use the maps linking with the theoretical and clinical knowledge with the intention to improve the learning progress of the students and also improve the patient outcomes.

In this blog, the concept of the map in nursing theory becomes the centre of discussion with the correspondence discussion of the pedagogical approach to teach the theory in the graduate course which helps to engage students more and foster their way of thinking more theoretically and critically. 

Fig: Nursing concept map example
Source: (Edrawsoft. 2022)

Background Information Of Concept Map In Nursing Theory

According to (Yue et al., 2017), there are so many uses that can be obtained with the application of the concept of maps in undergraduate and graduate nursing courses. Involved researchers in finding the way to make nursing theories easy to adapt for the students and for this they obtained effectiveness to teach critical thinking, problem-solving, and also understanding the case studies as part of nursing didactic courses. To know more students can take help from SourceEssay nursing dissertation help experts .

According to (Mukherjee et al., 2018), the mapping concept has been observed in a useful way at the time of applying all the nursing procedures through the care planning including the planning for tasks, assessment, creating or presenting medical history or pre and post medication data reports, clinical conferences and some relevant. With the use of the concept of a map, engaged Nursing students are able to learn the way of developing the skill including the context of nursing practices in conceptualized consumer issues. In particular one specific nursing study, the senior students were able to map out all the complex understandings and relationship that exists among the pathophysiologic factors, therapeutic nursing interventions, and pharmacologic factors (Hasanvand et al., 2021).

In this blog, the background information included in the concept of mapping is used as the tool linking with the critical and theoretical concepts which can be learned in the class for the clients and the students who can see the clinical improvements. 

This particular concept of mapping used in nursing theory and pedagogical approach offers the engaged students and practitioners to get an opportunity in analysing the interrelatedness of the data and information which can visually be mapping out all the concepts of understanding the whole picture of the patient’s health status. Students can participate in learning progress through the organization of these nursing concepts in a hierarchical manner and position the topmost prioritized and important concept at the very beginning of the mapping and others one by one. The accurate structure of mapping can be observed under the context-dependent with severe revisions which can also be expected in order for the students who also can produce a valid form of mapping where the specific learning areas as per the current relevant topics exists in respect of schematic summary of learning nursing theory.

According to (Yue et al., 2017), mapping allows the engaged faculty member to see the growth of the students with clear opportunities for the clarification of incorrect links and provides an occasion to evaluate the student’s knowledge and concepts. Nursing tasks, care plans, disease curing processes, practices of nursing, and also help in improving nurse-patient relationships and satisfaction. To know more about concept maps in nursing theory students can take assistance from online assignment help experts .

Process: The Concept Of Map Project In The Pedagogical


According to the report (Lozano et al., 2017), the concept of a map is based solely on the actual and meaningful relationship between different concepts and areas of learning with the different forms of propositions. The concept of maps can be observed through the visual mapping which also highlights the area of relationship that allows the visual representation of the nursing students and practitioners and improve their adaption of knowledge including certain nursing topics (Njie-Carr et al., 2017). Some pictorial and graphical depictions are added in this concept of mapping process where the depictions include attributes of learning, antecedents, consequences, and others. Among the main types of concepts include the central concept of radiation subthemes, flowchart mapping, hierarchical mapping, linear mapping, and system mapping with the additional inputs and outputs. According to nursing essay help experts, all the concept of mapping provides good learning strategies for the students due to the reason where the link adds new concepts within the wider known concept (Conceição et al., 2017). This mapping process can also be used as an educational tool in course of the pedagogical approach in nursing and that induced to offer the students and practitioners the way through which they are able to communicate with the understanding of complex concepts in single theory and evaluation. Where the faculty helps in evaluating the students to achieve the required progress in nursing theory with the expanded knowledge and also encourages the students to participate in critical thinking in an independent way. Independent thinking not only helps them to think differently but also foster their level of confidence with the application in a way where they know the suitable clinical setting (Chan, 2017). 

Fig: Nursing care plan
Source: (Venngage. 2022)

Concept Of Map And Theory In Graduation Of Nursing With Example

The concept of map and its application in the teaching-learning session of Nursing graduation course can be observed where it emphasizes on the area of nursing theory application to the establishment of relationship and practice the theory in research. As per the national survey conducted under masters’ level nursing faculty by McEwen, responded towards the students’ query about nursing theory and terminologies and also help in developing a conceptual theoretical framework in nursing model as the project assignment ( McEwen et al., 2019). A limited extent of faculty members has observed in this particular use of the concept mapping as the part of their graduation theory courses. Here the procedure to create the successive mapping culminated in the formal concepts of nursing theories, faculty members put their conceptual preview to students provides knowledge with evolving their insights about the theoretical explanation.

Students can get knowledge and information’s about the nursing theories with the help of maps on the basis of unique notion. According to (Nurseslabs. 2022), nursing theories have been organized with the concept and knowledge to define what nursing actually means and what the job nurses do and the reason of the requirement of nursing in medical sector. Nursing theories offer a way for designing nursing in a unique discipline which separate the discipline to other disciplines and the key theoretical frameworks intended in guiding the nursing practices at more specific level (Nurseslabs. 2022). As a profession, nursing is committed in recognition of unparalleled body of knowledge to nursing practices where foundation of knowledge in line with the theories is required. Considering this knowledge in practice, concept maps added to meet ultimate goal to clear the concept and change from theory to practical application. 

Mapping In Nursing Theory In The Context Of Pedagogical Approach

According to (Kapur, Radhika. 2020), Pedagogical approaches are considered as the key definite factors to promote the students’ learning to achieve all the possible goals in academics and also leads to the enrichment of entire system of education and learning. 

Source: ( 2022)

According to (Garzón, et al., 2020), the significance and definition of pedagogical approaches enable the students to generate the required pace of awareness in terms of teaching-learning strategies. The instructor or the faculty members in nursing course conduct the research on the basis of pedagogical approach where this conduction observed through various sources including technologies, reading materials and others that are able to enlarge their knowledge and clear every terminology in theoretical analysis.

Process of concept map project on the basis of pedagogical approaches can be observed during the project where the students engaged to share about all the areas of nursing and theories. Through the adaption of this process students are directly encouraged through the discussion of all the nursing practices and experiences along with the conceptual areas of interest. During the semester, students are asked to submit their area of interest in nursing theories, and they are allocated with the activity and learning as per their selected area of interest and the concept where the willing to put focus on. This sectional division done in this nursing course done due to the importance of selecting the concept related to the relevant work and interest to go further with. According to assignment help Sydney experts there are various list of interest come from the students and on the basis of that students who chose the similar concept and area of interest work co-ordinately to submit the project with having equal scopes to present. After the formation of the group, students are come to meet and engage in determining the particular concept which they can develop into a map and within a gap of some weeks students come to know and able to discuss with their theory groups and work on mapping based on the concept of nursing theory. 

Source: (Dosani, et al., 2019)

Group meetings are added in the process of learning approach which also provide scopes for the nursing students to think more critically by evolving along with the concept of map and these maps and involved meetings help in evaluating group progress.  Students also able to measure the concept of map purpose where the activities support the determination of the aims of the analysis that assist the students to cue in where they raise their intention to do with the finished products and services. The faculty members come in the role of evaluation of the map which guide to translate practice knowledge into the conceptual language and also help represented in visual form. Group meetings also allow in evaluating learning which are required to create comfortable thinking to understand difficult terminologies and spot the answer to assess the medical concept as per needs. 


At the end of this blog, a conclusion can be made which summarises the whole discussion. Nursing theory could be extensively taught to students, and practitioners including students who are under graduate or undergraduate level and come in the utilization of concept maps to get clear knowledge about nursing theory. Through all the continuous process of building a tangible concept map, concept mapping renders the ethereal world of  nursing theory found to be relevant to the engaged students. This pedagogical technique differs from typical methods of teaching nursing theory. For students  and the engaged practitioners an open and ready-to-discuss conceptual concepts discussion need to be made where the faculty members need to be comfortable in respect of quite a degree of fluidity in the course. This dynamic method frequently necessitates teachers thinking on the fly concept during offering theoretical direction to students.

The teaching role also includes using questions to help students evaluate all potential cognitive approaches on their areas of interest. Future research directions for concept maps include putting them into reality through a practicum experience and incorporating this teaching technique into further graduate courses. A concept mapping task may lead to natural doctorate instruction. A considerable course in nursing theory formation and synthesis, for example, could benefit from an exercise that actively encourages students to discover connections between conceptual frameworks and relevant research objectives.

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