Certificate in Customer Service Excellence Co-op

This is a 31-week programme, with 12 weeks spent on a co-op placement in a hospitality or tourism-related establishment like a hotel, restaurant, or other suitable hospitality or tourism location.

Benefits of availing Certificate in Customer Service Excellence Co-op

• During this 31-week programme, students will learn how to be a leader in providing exceptional customer service and experiences. Gain transferable skills in service excellence by working for 12 weeks in a co-op placement in a sector-related establishment such as hotels, restaurants, or other hospitality and tourism locations.

• Students will learn about hospitality management from industry experts in areas such as front desk operations, food and beverage, and customer service. Students will learn problem-solving skills, relationship-building skills, leadership skills, and teamwork skills.

• Students will also study industry-recognized tools such as the Oracle Property Management system, allowing them to keep on top of the most recent innovations in the hospitality sector. Co-op placement in an area linked to the programme is also available at the institution.

The modules include:

1. Hospitality Career Readiness

2. Customer Service

3. Front Office Operations

4. Food and Beverage Operations

5. Work Placement

Students who pursue the Certificate in Customer Service Excellence Co-op will be able to:

• Develop talents such as effective problem solving, communication skills, exceptional customer service skills, leadership, and teamwork by identifying and understanding the methodologies and theoretical knowledge required in the modern hospitality and tourism sector.

• Gain the information and skills required to succeed in the hospitality and tourism business.

• Study front-desk operations, food and beverage management, and customer service to have a better understanding of the various components of hospitality management.

• Improve problem-solving skills, communication skills, exceptional customer service skills, leadership skills, and teamwork skills.

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