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When students travel abroad to pursue higher education, they come with a dream of building a sustainable career in their chosen academic field. But as soon as they enter the university, they encounter many problems that suddenly arise due to socio, cultural, and economic differences. Most students come from countries where they are accustomed to communicating in their local language. They hardly can speak or understand English. This becomes their major handicap when they step outside their countries. However, apart from this, they also encounter many other problems, making it difficult for them to write a great assignment.

Language Barriers

The major reason why students cannot write a great assignment is that they struggle with the language. Most foreign countries have reputed universities that teach courses to students in English. And because students don’t have a flair for the language, they find difficulties in writing assignments. This problem has given birth to the term ghost writers in foreign countries. They are nothing but assignment helpers abroad. They are native writers and subject matter experts. They are termed ghostwriters because they are invisible. Apparently, they provide backend support to students and write their assignments without letting anybody know at a nominal cost.

Lack Of Time

Lack of time is another reason why students are not able to score well in their assignments. Living expenses in foreign countries are higher than in native countries. To maintain a balanced life, students head out for part-time jobs when they enter a university abroad to earn some extra bucks. Because of these jobs, students spend most of their productive time doing their jobs, and when it comes to writing assignments, they have very little time in hand. This is why half the time, it is seen that students are chasing deadlines and getting their assignments rejected either on the grounds of plagiarism or are sent for rework because there are too many mistakes in the file.

Lack Of Knowledge 

Lack of knowledge is one of the major reasons why students fail to write great assignments. To write a quality assignment, students need to have in-depth subject knowledge and be accustomed to the writing style. However, it indeed takes years to learn and master the skill of assignment writing. But with SourceEssay online assignment help writing a high-quality assignment becomes a piece of cake for students. There are over 600 + assignment helpers to assist students with their assignments. They provide students with instant help and expert solutions whenever they get stuck while writing assignments. They also help students gather subject knowledge by giving them round-the-clock assistance.

Homesickness Becomes A Distraction

Another reason why students lose their grades in assignments is because of feeling homesick. Studying in a reputed university abroad might be the dream of many academic students. Still, it is not easy to stay away from your family for years among strangers and pursue education. The majority of students do not fare well in their assignments because they fall into depression or start feeling homesick after spending a few months abroad. Any kind of distraction is bad for assignments. Students should stay in touch with their families while they are pursuing higher education. It helps them stay focused on their work and keep them satisfied.

Lack Of Confidence

Lack of confidence is why students do not seek assistance or speak about their problems while writing assignments. As a result, they continue scoring fewer marks in their assignments and tend to lose complete interest even in their favorite subject at some point in time. It becomes a vicious cycle. This is why the percentage of dropouts has been on the rise. However, SourceEssay assignment writing help have a team of qualified experts who make sure students can reach out to them anytime they need guidance. They stay connected with students 24/7 and work on helping them gain subject knowledge and overcoming their barriers to develop self-confidence, and boldly come up to their professors if they have queries regarding their assignments.

Over the years, online ghostwriters have contributed a lot to help students overcome their difficulties and write flawless assignments. Protection Status
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