Diploma in Fundamentals of Hospitality and Tourism Co-op

This two-year Co-op Diploma in Hospitality and Tourist Fundamentals programme will prepare you to seek an entry-level qualification in the field of hospitality and tourism management.

Students will be able to:

• Gain specialist knowledge in all aspects of hospitality and tourism from a national and worldwide viewpoint by doing this programme.

• Understand what it means to provide five-star service in order to meet your clients’ needs.

• Understand basic marketing concepts and terminologies, as well as food hygiene and safety issues.

• Work on soft and hard talents that are valued by all industries, no matter what role you’re in. You’ll also learn about the various terms used in this field.

• Gain financial knowledge to correctly analyse and understand financial records for accounting purposes.

• Help you through job hunting and interviews while emphasising the necessity of professional conduct.

•To ensure that you give first-class service, develop professional hotel qualities such as efficient communication, good customer service, leadership, and teamwork.

• Gain supervised practical job experience in a field that is directly relevant to your academic and career objectives.

• Gain an understanding of the principles and processes of a variety of hospitality functions, such as front desk operations, housekeeping, and food and beverage production, to become immediately effective in the hospitality and tourism business.

• Add Canadian job experience to your resume.

• Co-op placement is guaranteed

The modules include:

1. Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism

2. Food and Safety Management

3. Academic & Professional Enhancement Skills in Hospitality and Tourism

4. Introduction to Customer Service

5. Accounting Fundamentals for Hospitality and Tourism

6. Introduction to Marketing in Hospitality and Tourism

7. Job Search Preparation and Post Placement Study

8. Work Placement

The job placement is an important aspect of the educational process for students. This allows classroom theory to be applied to real-world learning settings and stimulates the application of theory and knowledge in the right context.

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