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Writing a research proposal is way more difficult than writing a research paper. This is because a research proposal is relatively short and concise. Moreover, it needs to convince the readers that the research is really needed to get accepted. Therefore the approach in which a research proposal differs from the approach in which a research paper is written. 

Difficulties Students Face While Writing A Research Proposal

  • Defining The Objective Of The Research In Short

A research proposal clearly states why the research paper needs to be written. Its need and importance. This is where students often face difficulties. This is because students who do not have the required knowledge often fail to understand the objective themselves. So when it comes to explaining the objective, they fail to do so. 

  • Including The Major Points

Unlike research papers that can be extended as per your convenience, research proposals come with a specific word limit. The maximum word limit of a research proposal is 2000 to 30000 words. If the topic you chose is widespread, students often face difficulties in including all the major points in the research proposal. This is precisely why they reach out to professional proposal writers for assignment help.   

  • Limit The Proposal So That It Does Not Exceed The Word Limit

A research proposal is basically a gist of the research paper that contains all the important aspects of a research paper, starting from the objective of writing the proposal that contains the importance of the research paper to the methodology and approach that is being used in the research paper to the conclusions drawn. So, people who are analyzing the research paper have a clear picture of what the research is all about and agree with the students, allowing them to conduct further research as promised in the proposal. And the challenge that students face is including all of this in the particular word limit. Everything starting from ideas to concepts to methodology needs to concise so that the proposal does not exceed the specified word limit.

What Does All A Research Proposal Include?

A research proposal should include the title, abstract, research context, questions being addressed in the research, methodology, significance of the research, and bibliography. 

Why Hire SourceEssay

  • Academic students can now enroll in write my research proposal for me and hire a professional research proposal writer to help you write a flawless, unique research proposal. 
  • These experts help students choose a tentative title for their research paper. That is intriguing and clearly states the purpose of the research paper. In most cases, students change the title of the research once their proposal gets accepted. They seek the help of experts to select a title that is relevant to the research paper. 
  • Certified proposal writers from SourceEssay also assist students in writing the abstract of the research paper. The abstract is nothing but a concise statement that states the objective behind your intended research. 
  • Students seek help from experts to define the vast background behind the research. It includes the study of the general area, a summary of the current state of knowledge, and recent contradictions and debates that have led to conducting the research.
  • The proposal should also be able to frame answers to the questions addressed in the research paper. 
  • An outline of the methodology in which you are thinking of conducting the research should also be provided in the research proposal. In short, the proposal should highlight the key areas of research for the person who is analyzing the proposal to understand the actual worth of the research. Based on this analysis, only the board decides whether to give the students a green signal that indicated they could proceed with the research.
  • The proper significance of the research is mentioned in detail. 

Therefore if you feel stuck while writing a research proposal, you can seek cheap research proposal help from experts. Here students don’t need to pay hefty charges. Only a nominal one-time fee is set for students based on the volume of the assignments. 

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