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The most common problem that students face while writing a research paper is referencing their research paper. Since most of the information that is used to write a research paper is extracted from already published material it is important to refer to the information correctly. Not referencing the information in the correct form will lead to plagiarism. There are different styles of referencing a research paper.  The method in which the information is presented during referencing  is known as a bibliography.

What Is A Bibliography Maker?

A bibliography is the format where students mention the author’s name, title of the publication, date of publication, the place where the information has been published, the company of publication, the volume number of a magazine or the encyclopedia from where the information has been extracted, and  the exact page number where the information has been taken from. However the style in which these information is aligned may defer depending on the referencing style.

Referencing And Citation Styles

Itmay differ from format to format depending on which style the research paper needs to be formatted in. The most common styles of referencing is the Harvard style of referencing.  Other than this style there are other popular styles of referencing like the APA, MLA and the Chicago.

Harvard Style Of Referencing

Here are a few common points to remember when referencing using a harvard referencing style.

  • When you are using the Harvard style of referencing and the information you are using has more than three authors than you need to mention only the surname of the first author followed by
  • When it comes to citation there are two types of citation.  First is in-text citation and the second is a referencing list. The referencing list is attached at the end of the research paper. In text citation is mentioning from where the information has been taken in bits and pieces and referencing list is the complete list of who mentioned what.

Why Do Students Prefer Using Bibliography Maker?

Most students face difficulties in remembering the format of the bibliography. Even a slightest mistake made while referencing the document can lead to wrong referencing format. This is exactly where bibliography maker online play a vital role. It is an online software that automatically generates the format on selecting the style of referencing. A student who wishes to use the online bibliography maker just needs to key in the information they wish to reference, provide the details they have about that information for example from where the information has been extracted and when etc and just need to mention the referencing style to be use and then hit enter. The online bibliography maker is a software or an online free tool that auto generates the bibliography.

Another important reason why students prefer using a bibliography maker is that it minimizes the risk of making mistakes while writing a bibliography. Further it saves time and energy of students required to refer to the paper in the correct style and format and most importantly it teaches students how to refer the information using the correct referencing styles.  Students also gather knowledge about the different referencing styles. 

SourceEssay has a team of highly qualified professional proofreading experts who ensure the assignments do not get rejected on grounds of wrong referencing styles and formatting errors. They run multiple checks on assignments before they are handed over to the students for final submissions. Most importantly the proofreading experts have ample knowledge and expertise on how the information should be referenced. They adhere to the university guidelines and accordingly refer to the information provided. Even though they have  years of experience in referencing  they do not take any risks and mandatorily get the content checked and verified by these online bibliography makers to ensure there is no mistake in the referencing style.  They tally the auto generated results with their referencing to see if there is any difference and in case they find any differences they make the following amendments before they deliver the assignments. This ensures that the assignments are unique, and free of plagiarism and most importantly the information has been written in the correct referencing format. Protection Status
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