Persuasive Essays


The selection of a compelling argumentative essay subject is often the deciding factor in the paper’s level of success. This article will give a variety of intriguing persuasive essay themes that students may use for writing projects. These topics cover a wide range of different issues.



  • It helps students weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the position so students can argue convincingly for or against it.
  • Furthermore, it challenges students to think like the reader to craft a stronger argument. It will be difficult to persuade the reader if students don’t address possible rebuttals (Wambsganss et al., 2022).
  • The ability to think critically and analyse the validity of arguments increases as students practice writing productively.
  • Students soon find themselves searching for evidence, both empirical and anecdotal, to back up the author’s claims. In a nutshell, learning to write persuasively enhances one’s critical thinking skills, both as a writer and a reader.


About COVID-19 Vaccine

Protecting individuals, particularly those who are most at risk and susceptible to COVID-19, safeguarding health systems, and minimizing widespread societal upheaval have all benefited greatly from the development and rollout of COVID-19 vaccinations (Pokhrel, and Chhetri, 2021). WHO in the area of the Western Pacific is continuing to collaborate with partners and governments to speed up the delivery of vaccinations and ensure that everyone has access to them.

Artificial Intelligence

With the aid of humans, robots equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) can carry out a wide range of tasks. Artificial intelligence (AI) will enable robots to acquire knowledge, dissertation, reason, plan, believe, etc. For instance, in the field of AI, robots are taught to mimic human intellect (Gardner et al., 2021). Rapid progress is being made in the area of artificial intelligence, and it is widely held that AI will soon have a profound impact on people’s daily lives and, in the process, solve the world’s most pressing issues and put an end to any remaining crises. In their digital era, computers have become indispensable. It’s difficult to conceive of a world without computers.

Figure 1: AI

(Source:, 2022)

Social Media

One of the most significant aspects of modern life is undoubtedly social networking. Today, we have instantaneous access to information and communication with anybody, anywhere in the globe (Masullo et al., 2022). The country’s economic fate is in the hands of the young people who make up its future. They find much of their current interest in social media assignment help. Because young people are the most active users of social networking sites, it has far-reaching effects on this demographic.

Topics on Academic Subjects

Writing an essay is a great way to learn more about a subject and dig deeper into a wide range of issues. Academic studies include a wide range of intriguing topics, from the potential implications of AI for the future of schooling to the examination of seminal events in human history (Do, 2023). Academic essays are a flexible medium for the investigation of ideas and the dissemination of information, since their subject matter may vary from the intricacies of quantum mechanics to the subtleties of the reading of literature.


It can be concluded that from the large varieties of essay topics, there are many reasons for choosing these topics the most.  Despite this progress, COVID-19 continues to be a major health risk, therefore the effort is far from done. For a longer-lasting and maintained treatment of COVID-19, it is still vital to have the required doses of the vaccination, in addition to additional interventions. AI refers to the study and implementation of computer systems that mimic human intellect and senses in areas like vision, hearing, language translation, and making choices. The advent of AI has radically altered the technological landscape. Young people are among the most active users of social media platforms, and this has far-reaching consequences. Protection Status
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