Diploma in Data Analytics Co-op

This one-year Co-op diploma in Data Analytics will put you in the driver’s seat of a competitive job market, where you’ll gain highly sought-after and employable skills and knowledge to help you prosper in a data-driven world.

To drive proactive decision-making and maximise corporate performance, learn how to analyse data using cutting-edge technology or classic approaches.

Students can improve business efficiency by being able to evaluate and transform vast sets of data into useful insights.

It combines classroom instruction with supervised practical work experience that is directly tied to your academic and professional goals. Begin your studies online and complete them on campus.

You will be able to do the following with the data analytics subjects you study:

Apply the knowledge to improve the quality and utility of data analytics by combining the cutting-edge of automated data gathering with traditional data collection methods to produce methodologically sound ways.

• Gain a better understanding of the theoretical concepts and practical applications of data auditing, handling, and collection, as well as the appropriate tools for doing so and making informed decisions.

• Gain hands-on experience managing and analysing data to gain illuminating and helpful insights utilising analysis software such as SQL and SAS, all while understanding the theoretical fundamentals of data handling and design.

• Improve your presenting abilities to help people comprehend your findings and make informed judgments about how to improve efficiency by understanding and monitoring processes.

• Recognize and understand the notions of professional conduct, as well as develop and implement initiatives to increase professional competence.

The modules include:

1. Data Design

2. Data Handling and Decision Making

3. Working with Data using SAS and SQL

4. Data Visualization and Interpretation

5. Work Placement

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