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Students are given to write case studies when they pursue MBA. Writing a case study in MBA is often tough because it involves students following specified formats for assignments. 

How To Write A Case Study Assignment

Even though students are asked to write a case study in different subjects, the basic writing case study assignments are more or less the same. It involves a title, an introduction, analysis, identified solutions, relevant theories, conclusion, reference list, and appendices. 

Title– Students are often given the privilege to choose a topic for their case study. Students must choose the topic of the case study very intelligently. It should be relevant and should hold the interest of the students as well.

Introduction– The main objective of the case study should be stated in the introduction. 

Analyzing– Students need to analyze the theory of the study, which examines the issues, causes, and effects of the particular case study.

Identified Solutions- Evidence should be provided to support the arguments in the study. And in case there are any loopholes, the loopholes also need to be mentioned in the case study. 

Relevant Theories- The major points that explain the case should be highlighted in the case. Students should be able to hook their readers to their case studies. While presenting relevant theories in an MBA case study, if students face difficulties, they can seek MBA case study help from SourceEssay. 

Conclusion– The conclusion is as important in a case study as is an introduction. Unlike most assignments that mostly have a summary of the assignment in the conclusion, a case study also highlights the students’ suggestions from their own perspective. 

References– Since the case study assignments are fact-based, students need to add references to the assignments mentioning where the information has been taking to be referred back if required. The reference list also proves the case study assignment’s authenticity and avoids students falling into the plagiarism trap. If a student makes mistakes in referencing the case study, there are severe chances that the assignments might get rejected or sent for rework on the grounds of plagiarism. There are different styles of referencing a case study, for example, Chicago, MLA, and APA. 

Appendices– When students are writing a case study assignment in MBA, it is obvious that students need to use a lot of jargon. But the purpose of the assignment is to convince its readers. And in most cases, the readers who would be reading their case studies are unfamiliar with the jargon. This is exactly where the appendices come in handy and extremely useful. Appendices are a section in the case study that contains all the technical jargon meanings present in the case study. It makes it easier for people to understand what the writer is trying to say. Without the appendices, if the case study is very technical, it would not be easy to comprehend. 

Why Do You Need SourceEssay?

  • SourceEssay has a team of assignment helpers who help students collect information for their case studies from reliable sources. Students who have recently been asked to write a case study are not aware of the sources from where they can collect information for their research. This is more why students reach out to experts at SourceEssay when they get stuck while collecting data for their case study assignments.
  • SourceEssay has a team of case study writers who assist students throughout while writing assignments. They help them in choosing an interesting topic. Further, they also guide students in drafting the case study,
  • Apart from drafting, they have a team of proofreaders who constantly check every case study for errors and flaws post-completion of the assignments. They carry random plagiarism checks on the assignments to ensure the case study assignments are free from plagiarism and absolutely free of grammatical errors. 

Therefore, we can say that every case study assignment follows the same format. The only thing that students should keep in mind is that the case study assignments are flawless. Case study writers at SourceEssay are here to assist you write unique case study assignments.

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