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Most students get confused between a thesis and a dissertation. Even though both thesis and dissertations are research papers and the structure is more or less the same. Booth a thesis and dissertation are written after in-depth research. Both contain an introduction, a literature review, a statement and abstract and a conclusion they are very different from one another.

Major Differences Between A Thesis And Dissertation 

  • A thesis paper is written from collected information where a student collects information from already published sources, analyses the information and then writes a thesis paper after comparing the information. On the other hand a dissertation is written through self-researching. Wherein a student researches all by himself. In this case even he extracts information from published material but that information is only used as a reference to create evidence to prove their point while writing the dissertation. When students get stuck while writing a thesis paper they can seek assignment writing help from online services like SourceEssay.
  • The length of a thesis paper also varies from that of a dissertation. The time taken to write a thesis paper is lesser compared to the time taken to write a dissertation. This is precisely because the length of the thesis paper is shorter compared to the time invested to write a dissertation.  Even though the structure remains the same thesis is crisp while a dissertation is elaborate.
  • When students write a dissertation the focus is on new discoveries whereas when they write a thesis the primary focus is on including a hypothesis based on the research work. A dissertation is real time experience whereas the thesis is merely a hypothesis of a real time research. Generally a thesis paper is written after a discovery.
  • Many universities offer scholarships to research students where they get concessions. In some cases the course is also made free for deserving students. Mostly research students write and submit a thesis paper to college authorities to avail the scholarship. This is not the case in case of a dissertation paper. Students write a dissertation in order qualify for a academic degree.
  • A dissertation is written focusing on the background study whereas the thesis is written based on an argument. Here students focus on proving their stand point.
  • A key difference between the dissertation and thesis paper is that when students write a dissertation their main objective is to explore the literature review and find out angles that have not yet been talked about. A dissertation is written based on new findings. Whereas on the other hand a thesis paper is written by using the literature review to prove their point. As stated earlier a thesis paper is already written with the objective to prove the standpoint of students by taking information from a concluded research paper.
  • A dissertation is massive paperwork. It is more likely like an academic book whereas a thesis paper is a research paper.

Why Hire Experts To Write A Thesis Paper?

  • From the above points it is clear that a thesis paper is more goal oriented and the writing is focused. This is why students seek for thesis help online from services like SourceEssay. Here a team of experts see to it that the students do not get deviated while forming the thesis paper.
  • The thesis paper needs to be concise and to the point for readers to hold interest. Students tend to experts from SourceEssay for assignment help just to make sure that the research papers are compelling and the readers are hooked to the thesis papers.
  • Most importantly students who have no prior experience of writing a thesis paper can face difficulties in writing a thesis paper because the writing style is more of an argumentative essay where the entire focus is on proving the stance of students. To make a thesis paper appealing students can seek online assignment help from SourceEssay experts. There are a team of experts who give students with all the required support to write a compelling theis paper within the estimated deadline. Protection Status
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