Diploma of Leadership and Management

This qualification demonstrates the role of people in pursuing knowledge, practical skills, and enjoyment of management and control in a variety of enterprises and corporate contexts. Individuals of this degree represent initiatives and judgments in planning, organizing, implementing, and tracking the workload of themselves and others. Use communication skills to help people and groups meet organizational or operational requirements. You can also plan, design, track, and compare responses to unpredictable problems, and identify, investigate, and integrate statistics from a variety of sources. This is a nation-approved and certified course
core courses to be covered under 
BSBCRT511Develop critical thinking in others
BSBLDR523Lead and manage effective workplace relationships
BSBOPS502Manage business operational plans
BSBPEF502Develop and use Emotional Intelligence
BSBTWK502Manage team effectiveness
BSBCMM511Communicate with influence
Elective Units
BSBXCM501Lead communication in the workplace
BSBPEF501Manage personal and professional development
BSBSTR502Facilitate continuous improvement
BSBSUS511Develop workplace policies and procedures for sustainability
BSBOPS504Manage business risk
BSBLDR522Manage people performance
BSBTWK503Manage meetings

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