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A case study is researching and systematically presenting data to be used to convince the readers about the points given by the writer. Generally, case studies are written as a proof of evidence when trying to prove any particular point. Still, in some cases, case studies are also written to document a particular case. In both cases, the case study was written is based on facts. This is precisely why students find difficulties writing case studies and reaching out to case writing help services.

Types Of Case Studies

Even though a case study is a document that represents a matter based on the facts, we categorize a case study into three different types—namely, single instrumental case study, collective multiple case studies, and intrinsic case study.                                                                                     

Single instrumental case study this case, students initially focus on a matter of concern and then select a bounded case to explain the concern in detail.

  • Collective Multiple Case Studies

It is very similar to the first type, i.e., instrumental case study. The only difference here is once the issue that needs to be addressed is decided, multiple bounded cases are selected to explain the concern in detail.

  • Intrinsic Case Study

Unlike the other two types of case studies, when students write an intrinsic case study, they focus on the case itself. The case they pick up is an unusual kind.

Even though the focus shifts in writing a different case study, the purpose of writing the case study remains constant, and that is to convince the readers.

Why Do Students Reach Out To Case Study Help Services For Assistance?

There are multiple reasons why students reach out to case study help services for assistance like SourceEssay.

  • Case study assignments follow a typical format. Most students who are new to writing case studies find difficulties writing the case studies because they are unaware of the right format. This becomes the major reason why students reach out to experts for help.
  • Case study assignments are based on facts, and these facts that are the pillars of the assignment are extracted from reliable sources that can be traced back when required. But students who are writing a case study for the first time are not aware of the sources. As a result, they tend to step into the plagiarism trap. All information used to write the case study is fact-based. Hence they are published somewhere or the other. Therefore, if students cannot document the information used in the assignment using the correct formatting styles, there is always a risk that their cast study assignments might get rejected on the grounds of plagiarism. Most students who have recently been assigned a task on case study are unaware of the different referencing styles, using which the assignments can be made unique. To avoid repercussions, students reach out to experts from SourceEssay for academic writing help.
  • Writing a well-researched case study requires time and commitment. Most of the time, students spend so much time researching a topic they fall short of when writing a case study and are seen running after deadlines. Experts from SourceEssay help students split their time evenly among researching and writing a case study to ensure that students can complete their case studies in time. This is why students reach out to experts from SourceEssay and seek instant case study help from SourceEssay. It further reduces the risks of committing mistakes while writing the case study assignments.
  • Apart from all this, SourceEssay has a pool of proofreaders who thoroughly proofread the case studies post-completion to ensure the case study is free from plagiarism and factual errors. Students must hire external subject matter experts to proofread their case studies for two reasons- firstly, it is difficult for students to identify errors in a case study assignment because the brain auto-corrects the errors every time they go through the assignments, and secondly because subject matter experts can identify the mistakes in writing the case studies—especially the factual errors. Since case studies are based on facts, the case study assignments mustn’t contain any factual errors.

Students need to write case study assignments in almost all subjects for which they need to go through in-depth research analysis. Therefore it is essential to split the time evenly among the activities involved in writing a case study. For example, extracting relevant information through research, drafting a case study, and proofreading it. Assignment writing help service like SourceEssay has stepped forward with a pool of case study writers to help students write their case studies. They give all the required support and last minute assistance to students and stay connected to them through a strong customer support service so that students can submit high quality case study assignments. Protection Status
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