Business Ethics

Business Ethics: A Philosophical And Behavioral Approach

Business ethics is stated as the relevant and appropriate business practices and policies regarding the inclusion of corporate governance, fiduciary responsibilities, insider trading, discrimination, bribery, and corporate social responsibility (CSR). As stated by Bietti (2020), business ethics is defined as applied ethics as well as professional ethics for the application of business aspects and...

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Game Theory

The Concept Of Game Theory

Introduction In the present world with complex real-life situations, it becomes necessity to make optimal decision-making, specifically in controlled situations and environment. In that context, the theoretical framework to conceive social situations would be relevant. And, the concept of Game Theory would realise it. In certain respects, game theory is considered as science of...

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Extrinsic Vs Intrinsic Motivation

Extrinsic Vs Intrinsic Motivation: Difference And Examples

Introduction Motivation is the reason or the force that influences human beings or animals to behave in a particular way in order to achieve some particular goals. Motivation plays an important role in human life for improving the performance of human beings in both their professional life and their personal life. While motivating other...

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Pee Or Petal Paragraph

What Is A Pee Or Petal Paragraph?

Introduction In essay writing for English as well as English literature and lots of other humanities subjects including History, Classics, Sociology as well as Philosophy, and so on, it becomes essential to be able in writing clear as well as a precise paragraphs that would express an individual’s thoughts and analysis in detail. It...

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Role Of Google Scholar In Literature Review

The Role Of Google Scholar In Literature Review

Introduction According to (Haddaway et al., 2015), Google scholar is used as the web-based search engine catalogue with academic resources of any content having nearly 100 million content records of literature academics.  According to the evidence (Haddaway et al., 2015), Google Scholar is known to be a free search engine that combines information from...

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Psychosocial Development Theory

Psychosocial Development Theory: Erikson’s 8 Stages

Introduction Psychologist Erik Erikson has developed eight stages of psychological development of a person which states the process of growing one person’s maturity. These stages encompass all the challenges one can face during the process of psychological development in his lifetime (Maree, 2021). This kind of stage-based developmental theory was most common across the...

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Generic Conventions

Generic Conventions – Types Importance and Examples

Introduction Generic conventions refer to that component of literature which guides to a particular position in its specified class or genre. These can also be referred to as particular qualities which allow these elements to be classified into respective genres. In order to perceive the different generic conventions, it is important for a simple...

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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing: Benefits And Importance

Introduction Mobile marketing is considered a digital marketing or online marketing technique through which a specific or particular audience can be reached for a specific purpose. Now, this mobile marketing sometimes is known as a multi-channel online tool where the target audience can be reached through feature phones, tablets, smartphones, or any other related...

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What Is An Allusion? Definition And Examples

What Is An Allusion? Definition And Examples

Have you ever stumbled into an online enigma that compelled you to spend hours researching? Have you ever gone “down the rabbit hole” in search of answers to a mystery? You may have said things like “a rabbit hole I don’t want to go down” or “being sucked down a rabbit hole” in comparable...

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Marketing Psychology

Marketing Psychology To Influence Consumer Behavior

Introduction Marketing psychology attempts to perceive the ways in which customers think and feel as the advertising messages. It then reasons out and helps in making decisions regarding marketing outcomes. The objective of marketing is convincing people and making a apprehended and calculated emotional appeal to make a long-lasting emotional impact on the mind...

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