coca cola vs pepsi

Comparative Analysis Coca-Cola Vs Pepsi

Introduction In a high margin food and beverages industry, there will always be existed intense competition for consumer preference. Coca Cola vs. Pepsi both have seen competing in the battleground fighting to be on top in consumer preference list using myriads of tactics and strategies including product innovation, coupons, celebrity endorsements etc. Most recently...

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Covid 19 DELTA Variant

Covid 19 DELTA Variant- Know How Harmful It Could Be

Introduction Since the first month of the pandemic, we are quite familiar with the what kind of symptom typical COVID 19 variants can produce as soon as it enters into the body. Last week, the World health organization warned about the growing occurrence of the Delta variant that was found in different regions of...

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Consumer Behavior

How Do Ads Influence Consumer Behavior?

Introduction Technology has significantly changed our lives and likely to shape the business future and market conditions. The world is witnessing the technology change every day and as illustrated marketers use the technology to access the massive amount of consumer data that someone can use to formulate effective strategies.  The rapid advancement of technology...

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Biomedical Research Papers

Essential Tips For Writing Biomedical Research Papers

Writing a biomedical research paper seems intimidating for novice writers where writing begins with creating the first draft. The reason is a person might not have a rough idea of what needed to be written into the paper. There are several pitfall writers are prone sometimes how information is presented shows how greatly information...

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Significance Of Data Analysis In Academic Research

There is a consensus drawn by shamoo and Resnik (2003), data analysis is a process or systematically application of statistical tools used by researchers to derive insights over the years. It helps in reducing voluminous datasets into smaller segments whose mass structuring brought new ideas and interpreting the results. Nowadays, researchers rely on the...

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Research Paper Assignment Help

How To Avoid Plagiarism In Writing Research Paper

Any kind of academic writing which is based on research is called a research paper. It includes features, analysis, and interpretation from the author. There are various steps involved in writing a research paper. Among them the most important step is to keep the paper unique and avoid plagiarism. In this article we would...

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Assignment help,Assignment Writer,Online Assignment help,Master’s Thesis

Top 5 Things to Remember Before Submitting a Master’s Thesis

A master’s thesis is a piece of scholarly written document and it is written under the supervision of advisor. It is very much similar to a doctoral dissertation. It is generally shorter than dissertation and more narrowly focused. Master’s thesis can be publishable as an article. Generally, it is equivalent to around three articles....

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How to Write A Conclusion For A Research Paper

One of the requirements for achieving a master’s degree calls for submission of research papers that demonstrate the methodologies or progressive research done by the students on some aspects of concerned topics. The paper provides a survey, research work as well as new techniques or may give comprehensive or taxonomical information. Moreover, everything should...

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Role of Technology and Networks in Education

Role of Technology and Networks in Education

The world has changed a lot during the past few decades. Many new changes have entered into the everyday setting and one of the most prominent causes of those changes is technology. Science and technology have started to play such an important part in all individual’s lives that even this century is being called...

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