Is it viable to completely curb software piracy in the Underdeveloped Nations?

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The underdeveloped nations have to face plenty of problems but some problems are dangerous and important such as software piracy. As in today’s time, technology is changing from day to day. Software piracy is the issue that most of the countries facing. There are various types of software piracy is going across the globe. Software piracy is all about stealing the software. For instance, if you purchased a licensed software. It contains an agreement and this agreement includes all the details and the number of installation about the software. If the number of installations is two and you are downloading and installing it more than two times then you are committing the software piracy mistake. In this article, we will talk about software piracy, its challenges, and possible solutions and how does the software piracy hurts or help our digital culture.

Software Piracy

Software piracy is the illegal copying, distribution and illegitimate use of the software. As per the research of the Business software alliance, around 36% of software that we are using currently is stolen. The main loss of the software piracy causes to publishers as they lost their large revenues. Because of this revenue lost, most of the consumers have to pay a hefty amount of money. When any consumer buys a commercial software package. There is an agreement that included in the software and this agreement provides copyright infringement. This agreement deals with the installation of the original copy of the software you purchased on computer or laptop. It is also allowed to keep a backup if the original installation is lost. With the help of assignment writer, we have collected some data which may be useful to get more information on Software piracy.

On the basis of collected resources there are various kinds of software piracy. These are:


Softlifting deals with borrowing and installing the software from your colleague, partner, friend or any other person.

Client server overuse

If you have a license to install only two copies of software and you are installing it unlimited time. This is the client server overuse.

Hard disk loading

It is also the same as client server overuse. It means to sell and install the unauthorized and illegitimate copies of the software.


It means to sell duplicate copyright programs.

Online piracy

It deals with the downloading illegitimate and unauthorized software from the peer-to-peer networks, Internet auction or blogs.

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Challenges and Possible Solutions

A common point of software piracy is that downloading the software without making any payment. The software that is downloaded from sketchy websites is also filled with viruses. There are various kinds of piracy, downloading lots of copies also violates the rule of the license agreement, downloading multiple copies of software from one installation, sharing the software with multiple friends or many more are considered as software piracy. Several challenges of software piracy are:

Security risk

If one downloads the pirated software, it carries viruses and other malware with it. This malware infects computers. As per a research, around 24% of pirated copies either carry malware or different kinds of viruses. These viruses infect the computer and create problems for the security of the computers. Even if a small malware downloads multiple copies of viruses as soon as connected with the system. It is a major threat to the security of the system.

Productivity Risks

Apart from the security risk, another major risk because of pirated software is productivity risk. This risk is associated with the security risk. As in security risk, some malware attached to the pirated software, this malware also slows down the productivity of the system. Using outdated software creates unnecessary bugs and glitches. These make a person frustrated as it leads to the loss of work and time. These bugs and glitches also interfere with various software like it prevents a program to access all online features to ignore the detection. Furthermore, pirated software does not have any warranty and it lacks customer support. Lack of customer support makes it more difficult to get help when needed.

Legal Risks

If someone caught using the pirated software copies then he/she must have to pay a hefty penalty. The owner of the software license agreement can also sue those who are committing this offense. If you know someone who is using the pirated copies of software then you should immediately report to BSA i.e. Business software alliance or The Software & Information Industry Association.

Economic Risks

Pirated software also causes harm to the economy because pirated copies of software also slow down the sales of legitimate and legal software. As per the Business Software alliance, in 2011, there was around $9.7 billion worth of illegal sharing of pirated software in the United States. Pirated software also slows down the sale of software companies because of most of the consumers use pirated software.

Possible solutions of pirated software

Even though the piracy is a big problem but there are some counterpoints that prove that piracy is not that much worse. These points are:

If any software comes in the spotlight because of piracy then this software comes in news and more people tend to buy this software. In 2011, the company adobe reported that an extra earning of $3.1billion is get by the software companies in that fiscal year because of software piracy. Even though, everything has some good and some bad points.

It is very necessary to stop using the software borrowed from your friend, colleague, partner or any other relatives. Most of these borrowed software are pirated. As you can see, there are various risks attached to pirated software and the most dangerous risk is a security risk. If you borrowed the pirated software, it harms your security of the system. Because of the economic risk, many software developers lost their job because of the limited revenue generated. So everyone should stop using pirated software as one can lost his/her job. Do you want to know more about software piracy? then online assignment help services may become one shop solution for you.

Does piracy hurt or help our digital culture?

It is very difficult to combat software piracy with most advanced technology also. Using pirated software is a moral behavior problem. Everyone using pirated programs should understand their impacts on the economy. Everything has bad and good effects. Piracy us bad but there are some good points also. Sometimes, software piracy hurt the digital culture as various companies’ loss their revenues and employees. Sometimes, software piracy helps the digital culture because many companies get benefitted because of the pirated programs.

The same holds for movies or any other shows. Some movies get leaked even before get released. Everybody is very curious to watch these kinds of movies. So this also helps in generating revenue and it also has an adverse effect as it gets leaked. So everything has a bad and good impact, depends on individual to individual.

The conclusion

Software piracy is a big issue in all nations whether developed, developing or underdeveloped. As explained above, software piracy has bad and good effects. It depends on person to person, how one thinks about it. Software piracy is all about using illegitimate and unauthorized software. The above explained article is insights about the software piracy but if you still feel any doubt then you should contact assignment writing experts. These writers can provide you guidance and assistance on all assignment help topic. SourceEssay is the only platform that offers academic writing on all subjects. The writers of SourceEssay are very professional and talented who provide plagiarism free assignments, 24*7 available, unlimited support, multiple revisions and many more. So believe in your intuition and stay connected. Protection Status
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