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A novel review is an explanation about the literary work. This review is generated to form a certain opinion for the target audience. A review tells us about the thoughts, ideas, and feelings about the particular novel. The reviewer can express its ideas and attitude towards the novel’s work, attitude, and language of the writer. So the reviewer presents the most important aspects of the novel. A novel review is the same as other book reviews. It is very important to write a review of any book so that all other people can judge the book by reading the reviews. Therefore, it is necessary for the reviewer to write honest reviews about the novel. For instance, you write a book but other people don’t want to read the book but after reading its review, this person can also feel interested in reading the book.

It is mandatory for the reviewer to write honest reviews about any book. There are various points that one needs to keep in mind while writing the importance of book review. There are some tips proposed by online help services based assignment writers on how to write a good book review on novels.

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Purpose of book review

The reviewer should know the purpose of its writing. The novel review can also be used as a term paper for college or university. Novel reviewing helps students in generating critical thinking. It also helps students in developing their writing skills. The main purpose of the review is to introduce this novel to the target audience. With the help of your review, people get to know about the book. By reading the reviews, they decide whether they want to read the book or not. So honesty is the main point. The reviewer should be very honest and describe the ideas and thoughts of the book as described by the book’s author. If you are inexperienced and writing the book review for the very first time then you should keep some tips in your mind.

Tips to keep in kind while reading the book

It is mandatory to read the book before writing any review. Without reading you cannot write its review. The reviewer should carefully read the book and grasp all the points, language, thoughts and ideas of the author. This reading helps you in generating the founder’s opinion. But before start reading the book, you should read the questions of your assignment. Read these questions two-three times so that you will be able to record those questions in your mind. Because these questions will help you in developing critical thinking for the review. You need to pay attention to the following tips to read the book more effectively and efficiently.

  • pay attention to all the text and ideas of the book while reading. Try to read the options several times before writing the review. If the book contains a massive number of pages, then only one deep reading is enough otherwise try to read it several times. The first reading will generate some points but the second reading helps in developing your critical thinking.
  • Read the introduction part very carefully. If the book is very voluminous then also you should read the introduction part several times. It helps you in understanding the thoughts and ideas of the author. From the introduction part, you will be able to find about the author, the history of the book, and you will get the idea of the summary of the book.
  • Try to make notes with the help of a pencil or pen whatever you read in this book. If you find something very interesting you can mark or highlight that portion of your reading. Make a list of the characters that appear in the book. Try to ask questions from yourself while reading the book and write down all the questions. These questions will help you when you write a review of the book.
  • Try to highlight the most important quotation that you find in the book and mark these quotes with the colorful notes. These colors will help you in navigating these pages very easily.

When you are done with all the activities of the above list. Now you can proceed further to write the review of the novel. You can also go for the online assignment help services provided by SourceEssay to get your review instantly.

Steps to follow while writing the novel review

  1. Write the outlines, generally, this part contains all the bibliographical information of the novel. For instance, title, author’s name, date of publication and place of publication.
  2. You should make your own plan that you will follow in the future. There are three parts in the novel review, the introduction, body paragraph, and the conclusion. In the introduction part, you should describe the novel’s title, the author’s name, the date of publication, publishing house, etc. You should describe what the novel is all about. Describe briefly your opinion about the novel. The introduction part should be eye-catching so that everyone gets interested in reading the review. In this part, explain the main points of review and what the review is all about. Mention the author’s writing style in this part.

If you think writing an introduction part is not easy for you then you should start writing your review with the body part. It will be easier for you to write the introduction part after writing the body part.

  1. In the body part, it contains 80% of the novel review. It explains the quality of the novel. It is the point where you describe all the plots about the review. You need to focus on how you feel the impression of the novel and describe your point of view in this section. Try to write the body part as a perspective from an outside point. By analyzing the title of the novel, you can discuss the themes and thoughts of the author’s writing. Explain all the positive and negative aspects of the novel with all the examples.
  2. In the conclusion part, you should restate what you have written in the introduction and the body part. In this part, you need to describe the message of the author, whether the author is successful in conveying his/her message or not. Write about your thoughts after reading the novel and what have you learned from this novel. What types of people should read this novel? Try to ignore not adding new information in the conclusion part. Furthermore, you give stars or ratings to the novel as per your experience.
  3. In the end, it is necessary to proofread all the texts and point mention in the novel review. The first draft of the review contains several mistakes and errors. So keep in mind to proofread it various times. Try to check all the dates, titles, facts and figures. It is necessary to write a review in a simple language so that one can easily understand it. Try to avoid big sentence formation in the book review.

The conclusion

As you have learned how to write a novel review from this article, writing a book review is a balance between the review writer’s point of view and the novel’s author’s point. If you still doubtful about writing review topic then you should directly contact assignment writers at SourceEssay. These assignment help experts can help you and guide you anytime in writing your book review. These experts assure you to get high grades in your book review. Thus you can achieve all academic success with SourceEssay. This is the one-stop solution for all your academic reviews problem. We have more than 1000 academic writers who provide the best and excellent novel reviews. These writers are writing the novel reviews since decades and helped so many students in achieving better scores. So don’t confuse and contact us for book and novel reviews. Protection Status
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