Theory Of Consumer Choice

The Theory Of Consumer Choice

Introduction Stigum (2021) said that there is a relation between the choices of the consumer and the demand curve. The graphical representation of this relationship is done in accordance with the microeconomics where the choice of the consumers to spend money is related to the demand curve of consumers is given by the theory...

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Viva Tips

Viva Tips : Things To Consider When Preparing For Your Viva Exam

Introduction The viva voce is colloquially known as the ‘‘viva’’or ‘‘oral’’ is performed in the form of an interview between examiners and students. While it has its caveats, viva holds a prolonged history of use among undergraduate and postgraduate students and by the institution. Beyond written exams, Viva demands a special skill set from...

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Online Education During Covid19

The Effectiveness Of Online Education During Covid19

Introduction The global covid-19 outbreak has resulted in schools big shot throughout the world. On a global basis around 1.2 billion children are forced to stay out of classrooms. Education changed shaped dramatically with a distinctive increase in e learning. The prospect of teaching became remote ever since. Digital platforms have complemented the prospect...

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Biopsychosocial Model

What Is The Biopsychosocial Model ? Key Fields Of A Biopsychosocial Assessment

Introduction Health psychology also versed as behavioral medicine or medical psychology refers to the application of various psychological theories for health related practices. The domain of health psychology is based on two primary subfields which are behavioral health as well as behavioral medicine. The domain of behavioral health emphasizes on preventing health problem and...

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Paraphrasing Tool

4 R’s Of Paraphrasing

Introduction Researchers know that the original idea remains intact during paraphrasing although some words become different. It ensures that the current author who is paraphrasing empirical content maintains individuality of writing style and uses original voices along side representation of the authentic ideas of the previous authors. Citations are provided at the end of...

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Cybersecurity In UK

Cybersecurity In UK: Threats and Laws to Tackle with Issue

Introduction Cybersecurity has emerged as the priority for the lawmakers that is coupled with policy agenda pertinent to rapidly rising digitalization with rising access to the internet. As opined in Graham (2021) cybersecurity has been essential to the business as the cybercriminals are continuously looking for loopholes to hack the businesses and organizations to...

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technology and economic growth

How Technological Advancement Leads To Economic Growth

Introduction It is accepted by the economy that the growth of the economy has only become possible because of technology. It increases the efficient production of more goods and services in the organization. The new technology is codified knowledge in the form of routines and protocols. Technology helps to get enough knowledge about the...

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Cryptocurrency: Are We Really Ready To Demonetize The World?

Liza Minnelli famously sang Money makes the world around in the movie Cabret somewhere trying to say from century’s money was a central part of human relationship. Harold James writes money has been always an expression of sovereignty; even states fail to resume their guarantee. In this highly changing global economy, the so-called cryptocurrency is all...

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Greenhouses Affect Economic Growth

Impact Of Greenhouse Emissions On Economic Growth Of United Kingdom

Introduction There has been a growing consensus at the global level indicating the impacts of climate change on different aspects of life are majorly attributed to greenhouse gases emissions. One such growing aspect of concern has been the economic growth of nations. While variables like rising temperatures, melting ice caps have had long-standing concerns,...

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Financial Crisis Of 2007

Analyzing The Financial Crisis Of 2007 – Could It Have Been Avoided?

Introduction The  2007-2008 financial crisis is the worst economic disaster in human history after the Great Depression 1929. It was largely precipitated by the massive boom in subprime mortgages lending that created the largest mortgages loans. Subprime mortgages loans are those loans given to human buyers who are unlikely to face difficulties in giving...

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