Difference Between Autocratic and Democratic Leadership

Introduction to Autocratic leadership A management style known as autocratic leadership involves one individual having complete control of every decision and soliciting almost no input from the other individuals in the group. Autocratic leaders do not prefer to consult with others or seek their suggestions or recommendations when making decisions; rather they prefer to...

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The Effects Of Social Media On Mental Health

Introduction This blog focuses on social media’s effect on people’s mental health. Humans are sociable. People’s mental happiness and well-being depend on their social ties. Socializing reduces stress, tension, and depression, improves self-esteem, brings comfort and pleasure, prevents loneliness, and sometimes even extends life. Conversely, social isolation may harm emotional and mental wellness. In...

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Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of Mouth Marketing: Build WOM Marketing Strategies

Introduction In the particular context where the interest of a consumer in any brand’s products or relevant services can directly reflect on the regular interaction the customer has with the brand’s employees and this can be termed as word of mouth marketing or shortly WOM marketing (BigCommerce. 2023). Most significantly this has been taken...

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Voice Search

Voice Search-How Voice search Is Reshaping E-Commerce

Introduction According to Kraus et al., (2019), voice search is considered as the action through the use of speech for asking queries as well as providing commands to a compatible device to fulfil the requirement. Voice search is moreover a technology that allows a user to utilize a voice command for performing searches on...

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PICO Model

PICO Model-Definition and Example

Introduction The field of study of nursing is very diverse. Many students prefer to enrol each year in a variety of courses, including those in medicine, nursing, infant care, Health care, medical trials, etc. One of the modelling techniques, conceptual frameworks, and methods covered in these classes that are useful for nursing professionals is...

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Business Ethics

Business Ethics: A Philosophical And Behavioral Approach

Business ethics is stated as the relevant and appropriate business practices and policies regarding the inclusion of corporate governance, fiduciary responsibilities, insider trading, discrimination, bribery, and corporate social responsibility (CSR). As stated by Bietti (2020), business ethics is defined as applied ethics as well as professional ethics for the application of business aspects and...

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Game Theory

The Concept Of Game Theory

Introduction In the present world with complex real-life situations, it becomes necessity to make optimal decision-making, specifically in controlled situations and environment. In that context, the theoretical framework to conceive social situations would be relevant. And, the concept of Game Theory would realise it. In certain respects, game theory is considered as science of...

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Blockchain Technology

Implementation Of Blockchain Technology In UK Banking

Abstract Nowadays banking industry has been highly impacted by economic and digital transformation. The application of digital innovation to financial accumulation, transaction, and monetary concerns has been obtained. Blockchain technology including cryptocurrency is known as that particular technology, an innovation that promises to fill any financial management and transaction gap with its application in...

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Spatial Order

Spatial Order And How To Use It In Essay

Introduction The spatial order in the organizational structure is stated as the place of order or the space structure that helps presenting ideas and things present in their respective locations. As stated by Cheatle (2019), spatial ordering is utilized while writing or jotting down descriptive essays and the agenda is invoking the senses of...

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