How To Avoid Plagiarism In Writing Research Paper

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Any kind of academic writing which is based on research is called a research paper. It includes features, analysis, and interpretation from the author. There are various steps involved in writing a research paper. Among them the most important step is to keep the paper unique and avoid plagiarism.

In this article we would be discussing how can students prevent themselves from plagiarizing their research paper.

Any good research paper is written in the under mentioned process.

  • The first step to write an in-depth research is understanding of the assignment. The author needs to understand the topic of the research before proceeding.
  • The second most important point is a clear understanding of the readers. The knowledge of your target audience will decide which style of writing should be picked by the author.
  • After understanding the audience, the author needs to select a topic of research. The topic should be something that interests the author, is original, meets the criteria of the assignment and is possible to research.
  • After the topic is finalized a preliminary research needs to be done in order to find out the following facts-a. Is there something that is being overlooked? b. Are there any controversial debates that can be answered, c. and are there any recent developments on the topic you have chosen. That makes the research relevant.
  •  After the research is over a thesis statement needs to be prepared based on the preliminary research. There are make my assignment services available for students where students can seek guidance from PhD holders who have years of experience in writing a thesis paper.
  • Before putting your words on the paper an outline of the research is required to be drawn by the author. The outline helps the author to stay on the track.
  • Once the author starts writing the research he should focus on the structure of the paragraphs and ensure the research is unique and plagiarism free without any grammatical errors.

The biggest challenge that he goes through is preventing the research paper from getting plagiarized. Originality matters a lot for a quality research.

6 Basic Tips That Helps In Preventing Plagiarism In A Research Paper

Gathering data for any kind of research is very easy but analyzing the data and writing a content that mentions the data but is unique and free from plagiarism seem to be difficult for students most of the times. There are essay writers who are expert in dealing with such challenges every day. They teach students how to create unique content for their research paper.

Looking at these challenges experts have drawn 6 tips to prevent plagiarism-

  • The author should read the content of the research and paraphrase them. i.e, put them on the paper in their own words. A author should be careful while paraphrasing. He should make sure not to copy more than 2 words in a single line from the data he is using for his research. In case more than two words are used it should be written within quotations.
  • The guidelines for document formatting should be used which is used by the university in order to avoid plagiarism. This process is called citing. Improper citing can lead to plagiarism. There are assignment writers who make sure to follow the guidelines and quality parameters of the universities while writing dissertation and thesis papers for students so that their research papers meet the quality parameters of the institution.
  • When a source is quoted, it should be used exactly the way it appears on the reference document. Most institutions which offers dissertations to students get annoyed seeing quotes more than 40 words.
  • Citing a quote is different from citing a paraphrase. It involves the addition of a page number or paragraph number in case of a web content.
  • In case an author decides to use his own work which he had used in some other work and finds it to be relevant for the research he should not forget to cite himself. It should be treated in the same manner other reference materials are used. Self-written work if included in the research without proper citing leads to self-plagiarism. Self-plagiarism is also not allowed in case research.
  • Another way to avoid plagiarism is by including a reference page at the end of the research. This should have mention of all the cites mentioned in the research paper. It includes information on author’s date of publication, source and title. It should be written following the guidelines of document formatting which has been given by the University.

After the research paper has been completed it should be carefully edited and proof read by experts. The person proof reading the document should be a third person. He ensures there are no signs of plagiarism in the research.

SourceEssay gives plagiarism free assignment help to research students. They have more than 600 assignment writers and expert editors and proof readers who create unique customized content for students and ensure the content is free from plagiarism and grammatical errors.

After the assignment writers finish writing the research paper, they send it to the team of editors and proof readers. The paper is thoroughly checked by experts, and they make sure the information used in the research is taken from a authentic source and there are no flaws, errors and grammatical mistakes in the paper. They also verify the authenticity of the content before they deliver it to the students.

The students receive the research paper much ahead of deadlines. They are offered multiple revisions till the time they are fully satisfied with the content. They get adequate time to go through their research paper before they send it for submission.

Writing a research paper for dissertation which would be authentic and meet all the requirement of the Universities often seems impossible for research students without the help of these kind of online services. That is the reason these services are customized as per student’s requirements and are available at pocket-friendly rates which ensures students from all kinds of financial backgrounds can avail these services.


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