Student’s Mobile Learning Practices In Higher Education In USA

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The invention of mobile has led to significant changes in the day to day lives of student. It has been omnipresent in the lives of students.According to survey, 83% of students have been seen using smartphones in USA.

The mobile technology has its effects in almost every sphere of a student’s lives.

  • Students use this technology to communicate
  • To gather information and knowledge.
  • To keep themselves occupied.
  • To learn their chapters

In this article we would be mainly focusing on how the mobile technology is used in learning practices in higher education and what is the role of USA Essay writers in a student’s life.

Impact Of Mobile Technology In The Learning Practices Among Students

  • The unique features of a mobile include- being able to connect globally with the help of internet, having high resolution cameras, censors and GPS helps in enriching the experience of a student. Learning is no more restricted to physical classrooms and hard bound books. Using this technology students can now record their experiences from live locations. There are online services like essay help where students can send their assignments and get assistance sitting anywhere anytime just with the help of an internet connection.
  • The mobile technology also gives flexibility to students. They can get in touch with their class mates and professors instantly from the field. It is not required to return to their classes to seek assistance anymore. Student can now seek essay writing help online. They can easily send their data collected from the field to experts who would write their assignments for them. This saves a lot of time and energy for students allowing them to focus in their research.

However, it has been observed that this technology is not widely spread. Out of the 83% only 50% students have been found actively using their smartphones in their school work in USA. It is even less in other countries.

Barriers That Come In The Way Of Using Mobile Technology

  • Students are not allowed using mobiles specially at higher-secondary  level.
  • Students lack the skills to use this technology. It is often observed that they land up using this technology for entertainment rather than learning. For example, students might use mobile cameras to take inane pictures rather than using it to record experiences that would help them enhance their knowledge.
  • Despite knowing the features of these technologies students rarely use this technology for academic purpose.
  • Students rely more on universities and professors for knowledge acquisition rather than depending on mobiles because of traditional mindsets. However, now there are assignment help services through which students can get in touch with academicians who help them in completing their assignments using this mobile technology.
  • Due to the dogmatic ways of professors it has been observed that out of the 83% only 30% of the professors have started incorporating mobile technology in their academic learning. The rest 53% restrict students from using mobiles in class rooms. The main reason for this is because it is perceived by professors as a distraction for students as they follow traditional methods of learning.
  • In classroom learning the pace of learning could be controlled which is why traditional professors stick to the traditional styles of teaching. It becomes very hard to control the speed of learning using a mobile technology.

Factors That Should Be Kept In Mind To Incorporate Mobile Technology

  • In higher education the adoption of mobile technology is more difficult than applying technical innovations as it requires breaking of mindset.
  • In order to implement mobile technology in a wide scare it is very important to have clear policies of using this technology to avoid distraction and misuse among students.
  • The University needs to have adequate devices available to incorporate mobile technology in learning along with technical support. So that students can access this technology on even grounds without discrimination.
  • The faculty should be trained and have the skills required using this technology, and teaching students the correct use of this technology. Proper training also requires proper funding. Lack of which might act as a barrier in the learning process. However today there are assignment writers available online who are trained academic professionals impart online education among students. They have the expertise to guide students using the most modern techniques of learning using mobile technology.


Thus, we can say that mobile technology has both positive and negative impact on the learning process of students specially in the higher secondary level.It opens new opportunities for students in one hand and raises challenges due to a lot of barriers on the other.

The common barriers are-

  • The traditional ways of teaching are followed which have created dogmatism among professors.
  • Students tend to follow traditional systems and rely more on professors for knowledge acquisition.
  • There are no clear policies in most universities which define the use of mobile technology.
  • Most classes ban the use of mobiles as it is still perceived as a distraction among students.

But despite the barriers and the difficulties this technology is slowly and steadily changing the traditional ways of learnings. Physical classrooms are converting into virtual classrooms. Even the traditional ways of learning are giving way to the modern techniques of learning very quickly. People are adapting to new technology and are letting go their old ways of teaching.

One of the primary reasons of the sudden change in adaptability is the difficult times people are going through right now. Students and teachers understand the importance of incorporation of the mobile technology in learning and are taking immediate measures to make the most of it.

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