TEEL Essay Paragraph Structure – Writing Tips & Guidelines

Teel Essay Paragraph Structure

When it comes to essay writing. The essays are differentiated based on its structures. In this article we are going to discuss about TEEL Essay and share tips and guidelines to write a quality essay.

You must be wondering what is TEEL ? TEEL constitutes of Topic Sentence, Explanation, Evidence and Link. Online essay help assists students in writing quality essays using this structure.

  • Topic Sentence- The first name that a body of the paragraph contains in an essay is called a topic sentence. It states what the paragraph is all about to the readers. The key points of discussion are mentioned in the topic sentence.
  • Explanation-  The next sentences explain the topic sentence in details with the help of factual statements and supporting details.
  • Evidence- After explaining the topic in details it needs to be backed up with supporting data in the form of evidences in support to the claim that is being talked about in the essay. These evidences are usually collected from the books in the form of quotes written by other authors.
  • Link – A link is provided in the final statement summarizing the paragraph in one sentence.

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Tips To Write A Teel Essay

  • A teel essay should always be written in the third person. First person and second person should be avoided. Use of I, We, You, me, and me should be avoided and they, it, he, she should be used more often while writing a teel essay.

For example, sentences like- I think that is not possible, in my opinion jack is much better a person than john, you see this when things happen, things happen for the good, should be avoided when writing a teel essay. Instead these sentences can be formed using phrases like- It could be argued that, the characters actions show that, this can be seen when. For example- an important change occurs when humans listens to the indications given by nature.

  • Abbreviations and contractions should not be used. Instead the words should be written in full. For example, didn’t should be written as did not, can’t should be written as cannot, and they’ve should be written as they have. Apostrophe are used to show possession in an essay. 
  • A teel essay is a piece of formal writing therefore it should not be written using a conversation style. Casual sayings should be avoided for example “icing on the cake”, “dead meat”. The information presented should be precise and informative. Students can take essay writing help in order learn the methods of writing a teel essay.

Key Points To Check In A Teel Essay

  • The writer should check if he has addressed all the elements of a teel essay which are topic, explain, evidence and link.
  • The writer should check whether the topic sentence is able to identify the essay’s argument.
  • There should be at least one quote present as evidence in the entire essay.
  • The writer should check whether he has been able to blend the quotes nicely in the essay. It should be clearly identified even after taking out the quotation marks.
  • The writer should check whether an analysis or interpretation is written down as a part of the evidence
  • The essay has been cross-checked and there are no spelling mistakes in the essay.
  • The language and tone of the essay is formal and not conversational.
  • The use of capitals in the correct places is very essential in a teel essay as it is a formal piece of writing. So, it should be checked to ensure there are no mistakes.
  • The title should be highlighted and italicized.
  • Abbreviations and contractions are not used in the essay.
  • The essay is written in third person instead of first or second person.
  • There is proper use of quotation marks.

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The basic points to keep in mind while writing a teel essay are-

  • The essay should contain all the elements constituting a teel essay namely – topic, explain, evidence, and link.
  • The topic sentence should be able to identify the argument.
  • There should be one quote present as evidence.
  • An analysis or interpretation of the evidence should be incorporated in the essay.
  • The essay should not have any spelling mistakes.
  • The language and tone of the essay should be formal.
  • The title should be highlighted.
  • The use of abbreviations and contractions should be avoided.
  • Quotation marks should not be used in proper places.
  • The essays should be presented in third person instead of being written in second or first person.

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