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One of the main evaluation criteria has always been, and will be, how well the essay has been organized?

In this article we are going to emphasize on how an essay is to be structured? And what other tips can we kept in mind to ace our assignment? Students can always seek essay help to get in touch with academicians who can assist them in writing their essays.

The structure of essay is mainly divided into three parts- Introduction, body and conclusion.

Introduction is the first two to three paragraphs of an essay. It introduces the topic of the essay in two to three short sentences.

Second, is the body which consists of the main content. The body has two to three paragraphs which is directly related to the main statement.

The third and final paragraph of an essay is called a conclusion which summarizes the entire topic of the essay and makes it into a gist.

Important Things To Be Kept In Mind While Writing An Essay Are-

  • A brief outline can be very helpful in writing an essay. So, before writing an essay it is important to put your thoughts on a piece of paper in an organized order.It helps a student to stick to the flow of the essay, the time spent on the writing process is considerably reduced, It helps in organizing ideas, It helps a student to get into detailed research, and last but not the least it helps in diving the word count in separate sections making it easier to read.
  • A paragraph that discusses one idea is considered to be a good paragraph. The idea needs to be written in the first sentence. The different aspects of the topic need to be discussed in separate paragraphs.
  • Use of short sentences are always beneficial in case of essay writings.

The need to write a good essay is most important in colleges and universities. The assignment grades depend greatly on them.

So, now we are going to walk you through some of the less known college essay tips

  • Essay topic should always be chosen considering what is important to us on a personal note. This helps us to give a personal touch in the essay.
  • When writing about a personal experience one should give more emphasis on reflecting what the experience had taught us rather than describing the experience in detail.
  • Humor is difficult to portray in an essay but adding even a pinch of it can act as a miracle for any student. If a student is able to make the examination officer laugh then he remembers the write up and this helps in scoring well.
  • A student should always try to start early , when it comes to writing an essay so that he or she has adequate time in hand to make drafts before finalizing the essay. This will help the student to go through the essay several times and check for errors.
  • A student should make sure what he writes is not contradicting with the main statement of the essay and is not being repeated more than once.
  • Answer should not be copied and pasted from a similar question.
  • A student should make his teacher or college councilor proof read the essay once it has been written. And it should be checked multiple times by the student before it is submitted.

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There are several other tips that can help to ace an assignment, some of them have been discussed below-

  • A student should make sure there is constant continuity of ideas in the essay both in the different parts and within a specific section so that the flow of the essay is not disrupted. All the points need not be united in one paragraph and there is no need to dedicate one paragraph to all the arguments mentioned in an essay at a time.
  • The use of first person should be limited in an essay. A good essay always has a neutral voice and is thus written in the third person.
  • The ideas in an essay should be written using bullets and numbers. This eye catching for the reader. It also gives the essay a clean look and is easily comprehensible. There are assignment writers available online where students are given expert guidance on how to write a good essay for your assignment.
  • For a topic that is not that serious a student can always put in a lot of examples to make it sound interesting, and relevant. Live examples can help the reader connect to the essay and this makes the essay stand out in the eyes of the reader.
  • An essay always comes with a set of instructions and it is very important to adhere to the instructions in order to ace your assignment. Among instructions the most important is word count. The student writing the essay should always keep a count of the words in an essay and make sure it meets the requirements.


Thus we can say that an  essay can either ace your assignment or make you lag behind.

5 tips to be kept in mind are-

  • Read the instructions clearly and make sure you understand every word of it.
  • The topic of the essay should be chosen carefully, a topic which is relevant or is personally connected to the writer is always preferred to make an impact on the readers.
  • The necessary steps to write the assignment should be listed.
  • The assignment should be structured in a proper way.
  • The grading criteria should be adhered to while writing an assignment.

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