Thesis VS Dissertation: Differences And Similarities

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There are a lot of people who confuse between Thesis and Dissertation. They consider it to be one of the same things, because of the fact that both are related to research. Which is not right as both are very different in their purpose in spite of the fact that both are related to a research.

A Thesis is a project that is submitted during the completion of a master’s program. With the submission of the Thesis report the program ends. A compilation of research that proves that the student has in-depth knowledge about the subject is called a Thesis.

Whereas, on the other hand a Dissertation is done during doctorate. It is in short an opportunity given to the student to contribute a new finding, theory or practices in the same field.

In this article we are going to throw some light on the similarities and differences of a thesis and a dissertation.

How Is A Thesis Similar To A Dissertation?

  • A thesis is similar to a dissertation in many different ways. The major similarity is in the structure they follow. Both consist of the following sub-headings- title, abstract, introduction, literature review, main body, research methods, results, discussion, conclusion, recommendation, bibliography and appendix.
  • Another similarity is that students need to be guided in order to complete both. Supervisors and advisors are assigned to individual students who guide them through their research. They assist the students from selecting their topic of research to helping them in data collection, to guiding them in the proper direction when the students are writing their research paper. Students can avail essay writing help to seek assistance in writing their research.
  • The purpose of both thesis and dissertation is the same and that is research.
  • Both a thesis and a dissertation should be done on time. Failing which both can be tried multiple times within the allotted time.
  • Both require a complicated work to show and demonstrate their knowledge and skill that they have acquired from years of learning.  A topic needs to be chosen in case of both of them.
  • The structure and format are quite similar.
  • In both cases a proposal needs to be written before writing the final document that highlights the importance of writing the final document in the eyes of the reader.
  • Both are essential to get a certain degree.
  • In case of both the students in not supposed to copy content from other authors. Avoiding copyright infringement is a must.

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How Is A Dissertation Different From A Thesis?

  • The main difference between thesis and dissertation is that the former marks the end of a course while the later is done when a student is pursuing doctorate.
  • A thesis proves the amount of knowledge gained from the study of the subject while a dissertation opens the door of opportunity for a student to invent something new in the same field.
  • In case of a thesis a student begins with researching the topic, then analyses and comments as per his understanding of the subject. A thesis mainly portrays a student’s knowledge and critical thinking abilities. While in case of dissertation the main area of focus is towards discovering a new finding and speaking about it from the student’s perspective which has never been talked about.
  • In case of dissertation other’s people’s researched materials are referred only as guidance to reach a student’s own hypothesis. Whereas in case of thesis other people’s researched material is used to gain in-dept knowledge and understanding on the subject.
  • There is also a difference in length between a thesis and dissertation. A thesis should not be below 100 pages whereas a dissertation is much longer due to the detailed research information included in it. There are assignment writers available online to help students in writing their dissertation.
  • A thesis is required to get a master’s degree whereas a dissertation is required to get a PHD degree.
  • When writing a thesis paper, a student needs to conduct an original research whereas in case of writing a dissertation paper existing research should be used.
  • A thesis analysis needs to be added by the student to the existing literature whereas a part of the analysis of the existing literature is dissertation.
  • In case of dissertation detailed extensive research is required than what is required in thesis.
  • A thesis explains a specific point of statement to prove a particular argument in the study while a dissertation explains a hypothesis.
  • Writing a dissertation paper is way more difficult than writing a thesis paper. There is thesis help available online for students to help them write their thesis paper.


Thus, we can sum up the similarities and differences between a thesis and a dissertation in the following points-


  • Both hold the same purpose.
  • Both thesis and dissertation are time-bounded.
  • A topic of research needs to be chosen for both.
  • Both have a similar structural format.
  • A proposal needs to be written for both before drafting the final copy which shows the importance of the future document.
  • Successful completion of both results to a particular degree.
  • Copyright infringement should be avoided while writing both a thesis or a dissertation.


  • A thesis leads to a master degree while a dissertation leads to a PHD degree.
  • A thesis is 100 pages long while a dissertation is much longer due to explicit research.
  • A thesis is done based on an original research whereas in case of dissertation existing research is used.
  • A dissertation requires more extensive research work compared to a thesis.
  • A thesis requires to explain a point in a statement to support an argument whereas a dissertation requires a hypothesis.
  • A dissertation is way difficult to write when compared to a thesis.

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