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What is a literature review?

A literature review is the scrutiny of various resources such as journal articles, thesis and, books on a specific topic. It gives an overall knowledge of concepts, and key findings, if talking about the question and area of research. A literature review has the following objectives:

–It analyses and evaluates the literature appropriately

–It combines the sources and gives an outline about the theme.

–It presents the connection and link between the research question and present knowledge.

A literature review is necessary when writing a thesis or dissertation. One has to conduct a literature review to position one’s research within existing information or knowledge. A literature review is different in every case whether it is the introduction part or it comes before mythology and outcome parts. Sometimes, your professor asked you to write only the literature review.

data and information are a bit different in each case but it follows the same pattern and rules. The Literature review structure must be well defined, as it gives an idea of your methodology. Every student is expected to do the review in the following manner:

–Make a connection of your original work with existing literature.

–Highlight the major issues of your topic.

–Elaborate the connection between each work to the others under supervision

–Try to identify various innovative ways to shed light on any of your last research.

–Try to resolve disputes among ostensible paradox previous studies.

–Indicate some points to make further research.

Writing a literature review needs great effort. Literature should be well structured and your ideas should flow logically from one sentence to another. There are some points to write an Effective Literature Review by assignment writer.

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Phase 1: Gather, appraise and select literature

Now you understand what literature review is all about and you need a well-defined topic.

If you want to write the literature review for a dissertation, thesis or any research paper, you will have to find some research questions or research problems. This is the initial phase that you begin with. This phase will help you in gaining knowledge of your research related, topic.

But, if you have to write the literature review based on some existing research or existing publication. You do not have to research it. Generally, you have to find the central question or problem from the given work document.

Selecting resources should be done prudently. There are lots of documents with unnecessary data available. So, you will end up into wasting time. First, you need to write keywords related to the topic. Find those keywords only, after finding keywords, read some useful resources. Initially, read abstract, because it will give you an idea about the quality. You should stick to the most relevant resources. As you start reading, you should write down all important points simultaneously. It is necessary to keep the record of all the citations to avoid confusion and plagiarism. It will help you further when you will write the text for the literature review.

If you think, writing the literature review is not possible for you then you can contact the importance of literature review assignment help.

Phase 2. Search themes and connections

Now the second phase is to begin arranging your literature review points that you have written in phase one. You need to write it properly. First, make connections between two points and then merge them. This will help you in making the structure logical. Some points that you have to keep in mind during writing; look for trends and patterns given.

For themes, what type of questions or problems are appearing again and again through the literature? Where the sources are different? Are there any strong points or ideas that distracting the direction of the topic? If there are any gaps, is something missing from the literature? Find some weaknesses that should be addressed.

These are some steps that help you in finding the central theme of the review. These questions also tell about your review contributions to your existing information.

Phase 3. Literature review structure

The third step is to organize the body of the literature review. There are different types of literature review; these are, argumentative review, integrative review, historical review, methodological review, a systematic review and, theoretical review.

It depends upon the examiners, what kind of review they want? You should be clear in your head the type of review. You need to make a strategy before start writing. The strategy should depend on the length of the literature review.

Argumentative review

This type of review examines literature shows that one’s idea is much better than others. In other words, it approves or disapproves of the argument.

Integrative review

An integrative review summarizes all past events that give a more clear and comprehensive understanding of a specific phenomenon. An integrative review is best designed to review both experimental and non-experimental reviews simultaneously. It indicated the gaps in the literature review.

Historical review

This type of review done its research based on the historical context and these context shows the familiarity with the current research and identifies the relation for future research also.

Methodological review

This is the type of review that is not based on what someone said but why someone said this. This method of reviewing is based on the thinking of researchers and how researchers gain so much knowledge about a particular topic. What is their methodology sampling the data, data collection and data analysing?

Systematic review

This type of review helps in using a systematic method of collecting primary data and secondary data. A systematic review helps in getting complete information on the current literature review pertinent to the research question or problem.

Theoretical review

This type of review helps in linking between the already existing theories and to what extent the degree can be investigated. This review helps the researchers finding out the inadequate theories of research question or problem.

Most of the students are not in a mood to study all these reviews and will not be able to do their literature review assignment. If you are one of them then you can directly contact our assignment writers who will help you out in getting a clear understanding of the topic. Online assignment help has a wide range of writers that can help you any time in writing your literature review.

Phase 4. Write a literature review

Every literature review should have an intro part, the main body, and a conclusion. It depends upon the examiner what type of literature review, you are given to. The introduction part should focus on the purpose of the literature review. It should be clean, smooth and easy to understand, your examiner will get an idea about the whole document after reading the introduction part.

For the body part, if you want to make the subheadings, it depends upon the length of the literature review. You can write a heading for each theme, systematic or methodological order. Try to give an outline of the main points of every source and merge them into a coherent manner. Don’t rephrase other researchers, include your ideas and interpretations wherever possible. Highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the literature review. Paragraphs should be well defined and structured. Make a connection logically in between two paragraphs. In the conclusion part, summarize your work document neatly with all the key findings and find a conclusion based on your literature review.

When finished your literature review, make sure that you proofread it many times to avoid errors and mistakes before submission. Assignment writers are extremely helpful for writing the literature review. Protection Status
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