Steps required to conduct a literature review in research

Literature review

There are essential steps in conducting a literature review. In most cases, the literature is guided by the central research question. It is essential to know that it is not a loose collection of the various studies in the genre. In place, it will represent the kind of researching of the background, and this is related to the specific questions mentioned as part of the literature. However, things should be analyzed and interpreted by you in the systematic manner. It is important that the research question is not too narrow or too broad. It should be just right to get managed easily.

Deciding Things Right
As part of the literature you should start writing down the terms that has relation to the question. This can be useful in case of the later searches. If you have the time and the option you can sit and discuss the literature topic with the professor. He is the man with the better insight and will be able to guide you accordingly. As part of the literature review it is necessary that you correctly decide on the scope. For this you need to look at certain research studies. You should decide regarding the comprehensiveness of the same. Based on the nature of the assignment the tenure should be decided. You should also make a list of the sources required by the assignment.

Denoting the Databases
In case of the literature review you have to select the databases needed for conducting the research. You should research and select the databases at the earliest. As part of the list you should include the comprehensive databases like the WorldCat and Dissertations and Thesis. However, it is necessary to look for the correct databases. You should look for the database by the specific order of the subject. There are UWF databases and these are categorized by the specific discipline.

Tracking Things Rightly
One can even look for the databases through the researching guides. The researching guides are created by the librarians for most of the campus based disciplines. One should take advantage of the expertise and look to the discipline specific strategies being recommended. One can conduct the research and find the specific literature. In the case, it is important to keep track of the searches. Literature review demands attention. For the reason, you should act according to the guided norms and specifications. It is important that you carefully review the abstracts and the concerned researches. This will help you save considerable time.

Listing the References
In the case of literature review you have to list down the conducted searches in each database. This will help you make a duplication of the same that you may need in the latter part. In the case, you can avoid the dead end research which you don’t remember and by this time you are totally exhausted. One can even make use of the several bibliographies and the list of the references that you need to locate other things. You can take help of the professor in searching of the keywords. One can even make use of the correct sources for the reason to keep track of the citations. In the case, one can take help of the tutorial.

Making Use of the questions
Now, it is time to have the perfect literature review. You can receive help from the specific set of questions. First, you have to find out the questions that you need to review as part of the study. This way you can discover the possible authors. In most cases, the research is funded by a source. This can greatly influence the list of findings. You need to decide regarding the researching methodologies. It is time that you analyze the reviewing part of the literature. You also need to take into account the used variables and the samples. These are rightly accompanied by the conclusions and the results. In the course of the literature review you need to decide regarding the completion of the research. You need to have the supporting resources proving the soundness of the literature. You have to see whether it is raising further questions in the process.

Resolving Things Aptly
In case there are conflicts in the process of literature review, you should have the ability to resolve things correctly. The strategic research that you conduct should be decisive. One should have the best idea regarding the authors in the field. One should be perfect in the process of citation and analysis. In the process, it is important that you carefully review the abstracts. You should carefully maintain the notes so that you can easily track the thought process during the phase of researching. Reviewing a literature is not an easy job done. You need to make use of an efficient method when constructing a literature review. This will help you with the superb guide in order to get through the excessive literature in any specific genre. In fact, the research part has to be rightly addressed.

Separating the Ideas and Themes
In matters of literature review you need to code things appositely. You can make use of the brain scissor to separate the notes. Now you should try to put together the same topics. There is no need to make use of any research technique in the case. Now, it is time that you decide about the main themes. You should be making separate envelopes where you can put the notes of the concerned themes. This way you can separate the ideas and the notions. Mention the themes on each envelop. This will make the segregation successful.

In matters of literature review it is vital and suitable to prepare the individual schema. This is a conceptual scheme that you can create. You can sit before the computer and type the coded themes. You can cut the themes and group them accordingly. This way you can figure out things at the best, and organize the themes making use of your sense. You can separate the ideas and dialogues under different heads. This is the next step once you have completed the research. In fact, reviewing the literature needs personal attention. Here you need to have the power of logical reasoning. Protection Status
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