Impact Of Technology On Students Behavior & Social Skills

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Technology plays an important role in students’ lives. It gives a new shape to the education. We are surrounded by technologies. Our life is impossible without the use of technology. The time we wake up till the time back to the bed, we use various technologies throughout the day. It has some negative effects and some positive effects on student behaviors and social skills. The positive impacts change human behavior with technology.

Positive effects of technology on student development

Modern technology plays an important role in our lives and it affects our lives in many positive ways. The process of education getting a tremendous effect because of technology. There are some positive effects that education is getting from the introduction of the latest technology. Here is a list of some changes in the education field because of the modern and latest technology. These are:

  1. Students can access huge information

The internet helps in connecting people. No matter what the distance is but people get connected with the help of the internet. One can communicate with the other person irrespective of distance and time. The internet proved to be the most beneficial tool in order to gain knowledge. The users of the web need some information or some specific keywords that they want to search on the internet. Students need to type the keywords in the search engine and they will get a lot of information based on these keywords. There are various websites that provide good information and data about the searched keywords. All students use the internet in order to get various information. A great example of the internet is that it provides excellent assignment help for all educational purposes. You can all help easily with the assignment writers or multiple websites present to offer you relevant information.

  1. No geographical and political boundaries

In the present time, people from different countries can share their opinions and views on any topics with the help of multiple websites. They can communicate their thoughts without any geographical boundaries and there is no limit of sharing the thoughts and views. Any student can safely discuss their opinions and questions and can talk with their friends, their essay rewriters irrespective of geographical and political boundaries. In simple terms, social media websites are a good source in which students can share their thoughts, ideas, and questions with the other students and get a lot of information on one topic. Gradually, the internet is getting famous day by day. It is the most convenient tool to share information. Any student can transfer information to other students directly via computer networks no matter what the distance is.

  1. Distance education becomes easy

Information technology gives students various benefits. The most important benefit is getting distance education. Distance education becomes easy with the help of the internet. If you are working or doing a part-time job then you don’t get much time for the studies. But with the help of the internet, you can get a degree through distance learning programs. There are various universities that are offering courses online. This online course can be taken by any student. Information technology helps students in getting various opportunities for learning. Now the student can take any online course with their jobs on. They don’t need to quit the job just to pursue a course. The use of technology also replaces the traditional teaching methods. These replacements proved very effective in the learning process of students. It makes the students interesting and active in various subjects by creating the environment informative.

  1. Students can track their progress

Modern technology helps students in tracking the record of their progress. It allows students to check their results and visualize them in order to increase the marks in the future. This is the most important benefit of technology in the educational field. It helps in boosting the confidence of students. If you are preparing for the exam then there are various platforms that provide you mock tests the same as your mains exams. You can attempt a number of mock tests and can track the record of your performance. You can find your area of improvement and work on your weak areas.  If any students are looking for online assignment help then there are various platforms that provide assignment writing services to students. You just need to place your order and get all the help.

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Negative effects of technology on student development

The latest technology makes the life of every person in this universe easier. You can chat with your loved ones at any time. Many teachers or professors adopt the latest technology methods in the classroom by thinking that they enhance the performance of students. But many scholars think that it has some negative effects also both physically and also in the cognitive learning process. Here are some negative effects of technology on student’s development. These are:

Negative Physical effects of technology

Technology has amalgamated in our daily life. We cannot imagine our lives without the use of technology. We are bounded with various technologies. From the time to get up in the morning till the time we sleep at night, everyone in this universe use technology throughout the day. With the help of the latest technology, our body becomes addicted to it.

  • Whether you believe or not, each electronic device e emits some radiations from them. In some devices, the radiations are more and in some devices, the radiations are less. But no device is present at the time that does not emit the radiation from it. Looking at your mobile phone and at your computer screen can lead to a severe headache and even shoulder pain because students don’t move their shoulder while using the cell phone and computer system. The longer the duration, the severe the pain students get from these devices. The health of the person deters so much that they are unable to sleep at night.
  • Students are being seated in front of the computer system for so long. Sometimes, students get various assignments at a single point of time and they get short deadlines also to complete them. In this case, they have to sit in front of the computer system for long hours. Scientists also warn everyone that our body is not designed in such a way that you can remain seated for long hours. You need to do some physical exercises in between to make your organs healthy. If you sit in front of computers for a long hour then you will suffer from obesity and overweight problems. If you are unable to complete your assignment and want to get rid of sitting in front of a computer for long hours then cheap assignment writers are here to help you.
  • By sitting in front of the computer students sometimes loss their vision and their hearing process become very weak. This is one of the major concerns that most of the parents are having. Students use their cell phones and various electronic gadget. They play games, use social media websites to chat with their friends. They waste so much time chatting and playing. This makes their health adverse. Instead of playing physically, students play on cell phones and gadgets. This impacts their health adversely.

These are some just numerous negative effects of the latest technology. If students use the technology with moderation then there will be some fewer effects, because an excess of everything is bad. Protection Status
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