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Will COVID-19 Bring A Breakthrough In Online Education?

The corona virus pandemic has changed the course of the education system throughout the world. Schools, colleges, and universities have suspended campus learning in order to stop the spread of the virus. But, the question that is asked by most people is that “is the pandemic acting as a breakthrough for online education?” In...

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How Do You Formulate A Hypothesis?

The term hypothesis made up of two words, Hypo means a composition of two variables that need to verify whereas Thesis refers to the position of the variable in the frame of references.  Every explanation is, after all, a Hypothesis by Ludwig Wittgenstein, A tentative hypothesis is a prediction of what you have proven during the...

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Impact Of Technology On Students Behavior & Social Skills

Technology plays an important role in students’ lives. It gives a new shape to the education. We are surrounded by technologies. Our life is impossible without the use of technology. The time we wake up till the time back to the bed, we use various technologies throughout the day. It has some negative effects...

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How Can You Improve Persuasive Writing Skills?

Writing a persuasive essay is like a lawyer fighting its case in front of the judge in the court. In the same way, the writer has to make its stand either against or in favor of the essay point. The writer has to make its strongest point just to win the hearts of the...

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Exploring the Difference between E-Business Model and E-Business Strategy

E-commerce is called electronic commerce and online commerce. People have to search online while doing shopping through e-commerce websites. Here are some insights into the e-commerce business models and strategy for e-business. These insights are provided by assignment writers. These experts are professional and can guide you on any topic related to e-commerce. It...

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Strategies To Eliminate Bias In Self-Evaluation Reports Of Employees

Self-assessment is an integral part to reflect own achievements. This is a unique way to showcase the talents and acquired experiences in moderate companies. However, this also depicts the performance review and can be acing the promotion. So how one can jot down the information and relative experiences filed up the next achievements. One...

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