Exploring the Difference between E-Business Model and E-Business Strategy

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E-commerce is called electronic commerce and online commerce. People have to search online while doing shopping through e-commerce websites. Here are some insights into the e-commerce business models and strategy for e-business. These insights are provided by assignment writers. These experts are professional and can guide you on any topic related to e-commerce. It deals with the process of selling and buying goods and services through the internet. In this modern era, which accounts for around 14.3 percent in 2018 retails sales are much easier and comfortable for doing businesses. It is very helpful for those who don’t have much money to start a business. All the processes and operations are done in e-commerce through the internet. It achieves more popularity and fame.

E-Business Models types

The popularity of e-commerce business is increasing and that is why people get attracted to it more and want to start their online business. Anyone can start this online business and can make a profit if they have ideas without the brick and mortar office. This is much easier to start instead of the physical office. Hence, people finding it comfortable and luxurious. There are six different types of e-commerce businesses. B2B – Business to Business, B2C – Business to Consumer, C2C – Consumer to Consumer, C2B – Consumer to Business, B2G – Business to government and C2G – Consumer to administration or consumer to government.

Business to Business: it is the largest model of e-commerce. This model has two different entities i.e. buyer and seller and bot these entities are business entities. This model describes the relationship of business between a retailer or a wholesaler, or a wholesaler and manufacturer. The transactions held in Business to business are much more as compared to the business to consumer models. The major example of b2b model is Alibaba, Amazon business, IBM, Boeing, and many more. There are various benefits of the B2B model such as different goods and services of import and export, helps in boosting online business, helps in determining buyers and sellers.

Business to consumer: Business to commerce model is the thickest and common business model. It directly communicated with the customers. It held in between the business to direct customers. This model works in between the marketers and retailers. It helps in selling goods and services through the internet to direct customers. Various examples of business to consumer models are Wal-Mart, Target, REI and many more. There are various benefits of business to consumer models are, it helps in expanding marketing opportunities; it provide loyalty to its customers, it helps in providing cheaper electronic transaction; it helps in expanding the marketplace to the international market.

Consumer to consumer:

The consumer to consumer is different from B2B and B2C. In this model, the transaction is to help consumers to consumers. The most common example of a consumer to consumer business model is an online auction. In this auction, a customer posts its item to sell to another and another customer to come here to purchase this item. The site act and plays as an intermediary between the two customers. Checking the quality of online posted products is not the responsibility of the website. It is just a platform nothing more than that. The examples are Craigslist, eBay and OLX. There are some benefits of this model are; no person is intermediary; the transaction cost is low; available 24*7 round the clock; it has a very wide reach. Searchbloom is also one of the highly recognized brand allowing users vast opportunities to explore the obstacles rises in business to consumer marketing model

Consumer to business:

this model again involves customers’ ad business. In this model, customers sell their products to the business. The one thing that makes the difference in this model is, the customer creates the value of their product and then sell it to the business. For instance, if someone is doing freelancing in any field. These customers first design their products and then sell them to different companies. These freelancers work on the demand on their clients and these clients set the value of the product and sell it to the business. The example of the consumer to business is, google Adsense, Commission Junction, Amazon and many more.

Business to government:

Business to government is also known as business to administration e-commerce. In this model, businesses and governments select common websites to carry out their business with each other. This process is more efficient as compared to other businesses. This business model is also known as public sector marketing. It means marketing and promoting goods and services to different government levels.

Consumer to government:

Consumer to administration business model is adopted by almost all people. This model generally uses by all people. In this model, consumers directly post feedback or inquiry to the government administration or authorities. For instance, when you have to pay your electricity bill then you have to pay it on the government website, if you pay regarding any health insurance, making payment of any taxes and many more payments include in this model.

Strategy for e-business

If you are running an online business that includes selling goods and services through the internet. You should know all the strategies on how to reach customers using different strategies. A strategy should be simple and you should know how to achieve goals and how to improve its position in the market. There are some strategies for e-business to reach the masses.

  1. Increase the search of your e-commerce

There are two types of visitor on your website, one who knows what they want to purchase and one who are here just to browse the things. You should record and analyze the moves of your customers. You should improve the search usability for your customers. So that our customers can easily reach your e-business. Customers should easily find the products and services on your e-commerce website.

  1. Use high-quality images and well-explained descriptions

It is mandatory to include beautiful pictures and trendy images in order to increase the traffic on your website. Attractive pictures and images lure the attention of potential customers. If a customer is checking out the product on any website then the customer is not able to touch the product. The customers can only observe the products and they cannot touch the products like they do in a brick and mortar world. If you show your costumers’ good viewing thumbnail then they will get attracted to the item. But of the item’s image or picture is not clear then this will be a turn off for the customer. There are some tips that you have to consider while writing the description of any product, draft proper subheading; include bullet points to lure customers; enhance readability; show real and original photographs of the product.

  1. Try to personalize the index page

Personalize is a method that helps the business makers to record what customers visited or observed on their last session on your e-commerce website. It will help you in making new purchasing suggestions to your customers by following their last visit to your website. This is a very good technique to notice the interests of the customers and customers also realize that you care for them because you suggest the new products on the basis of their last session.

The conclusion

E-commerce website’s strategy and e-commerce models are interconnected to each other. If you develop a model and want to start an e-commerce business then you also need to adopt some techniques to attract the customers. If you are still confused about assignment topics related to e-commerce then you can directly hire cheap assignment writers. These writers are best and help you in providing excellent quality of the assignment. They are professional writers who can deliver your online assignment help topic at an affordable and convenient price. So be calm and relaxed and hire SourceEssay to get excellent service.

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