Determining Factors That Affect Users’ Level Of Trust And Sense Of Security In E-Commerce Applications

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The customer is a god. Many stores follow the same phrase while delivering goods and services to their customers. E-commerce businesses are in demand nowadays. Most of the people who want to start their own businesses are trying their hands on e-commerce. It is easy to start e-commerce businesses. This business can be started with the help of digitization and internet connectivity. In this article, we will discuss how to satisfy the customers while doing an e-commerce business and what are the various factors that affect customer satisfaction. So, it is very necessary to impress the customers if you are selling online products. The market of online products is increasing day by day as it saves time and money. The business of e-commerce is also increasing day by day as they are offering a wide range of products. All people prefer online marketing instead of going to the market.

What is e-commerce?

E-commerce is online commerce. It is the selling and buying of products, goods, and services or transfers the data or funds with the help of electronic devices. The primary device to transfer the data or fund is the internet. These transactions can be either business to business, business to consumer, consumer to consumer, or consumer to business. The word e-commerce can be termed as e-business and e-business can be named as e-commerce. In 19660s the word e-commerce takes its origin. Businesses started in the 1960s using electronic data interchange to interchange business receipts and recordings with other organizations.

Types of e-commerce

Business to business: e-commerce is the business that refers to the exchange of goods and products electronically.  It is the exchange of products from business to business not from business to consumer. For instance, if a company providing goods and services to another company then it is called business to business.

Business to consumer: it is the retail part of the business. It occurs when any business sells its products and services to the end-user that is the consumer. Today, there are many numbers of online websites, malls, and business stores that sell all types of goods and services to the final user that is the consumer.

Consumer to consumer: it is a type of e-commerce that provides goods and services to the consumer to consumers.

Consumer to business: It is a type of e-commerce in which consumers provide their services and products to the business online. This is the opposite of the business to consumers.

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Factors affecting customer satisfaction in e-commerce

Customer satisfaction plays an important role if talking about e-commerce business. Any effort made by any company is just to make their customers happy. There are different types of advertisement, different types of hoarding show some offers for the customer. These all done by the organizations to make the customer happy. There are various techniques that help in improving the role of e-commerce in improving customer satisfaction. These are:

  1. Listen to customers properly

The marketing team does great research on the promotions of all the products and services. But on top of everything, it is very necessary to keep the customers in mind whatever you are doing. Before launching any products you should keep in mind about customer satisfaction. For instance, if you are launching a product but how this product helps the customer and how this product benefits the customers and who can use it. The answers to these questions you should know and describe the answers while launching the product. In this, way customers feel that you are actually thinking about customers and not about making profit or money.

Business people should think of fulfilling all the needs of the customer. Sometimes, businesses just guess the requirements of the people but they just miss the mark. A Business person should listen to the customer properly before making any guess. If you don’t listen to the customer properly and handle them with the wrong product then it will make them feel unsatisfied. So business needs to adopt some strategies just to improve the satisfaction of the customer. These strategies play an important role in e-commerce in improving customer satisfaction.

  1. Take feedback

The easiest way to know the customer’s intuition is just to take feedback about the products, services and whatever you offer them. Taking feedback means just simply ask them or give them a form to fill so that they can easily open up about the services and products you are providing. If you are not taking feedback from the customers and want to improve your business then start taking the feedback from now onwards.

A study shows that 89% of customers switch the e-commerce business after purchasing once. This happens because these businesses don’t pay attention to the customer’s query neither they take feedback from the customer. Every customer has a different taste but it is the responsibility of the business to take care of all its customers. Traditional survey and questionnaire are also very important if talk about the customer’s interest and experience about the shopping. If any customer gives negative feedback then take it is a positive way and try to remove those things from business which customer doesn’t like. This is your duty to find out where you are doing well and where you are lacking behind. This is the most important strategy that everyone should follow for the growth and development of the business.

  1. Seek out customers

Do you know what your competitors are offering and doing in order to impress the customer? You should have knowledge of the market. It does not matter what type of business you are doing. You need to check all businesses around and what strategies they are adopting to impress the customers. You need to know everything about the market. It does not mean that if you are doing shoe business then you have to keep an eye on shoe businesses. No, it wrong, you have to keep an eye on all businesses. You need to check out everything about your competitors. Be a customer on your competitor business store and then ask everything your customers keep asking from you. An investigator and investigate each strategy. Try to analyze their points, collect all samples and try to learn from them. Try to investigate some questions such as,

Do they have an email list to contact their customers?

Do they have strong social networking sites?

Do they reply to the customers online?

Do they give importance to their loyal customers?

These are some factors that help in improving customer satisfaction. If you still confused about the factors then get instant assignment help.

  1. Use focus group

Gather all the deals of your customers and ask questions from them directly in the form of a survey. This is the best method to get the correct and appropriate feedback from your customers. The focus group always gives you an honest reply. Try to ask questions directly instead of writing. Because while speaking people tend to say the truth but if they are writing they may write a lie in the form. If the customers directly communicate with the business people then they just blurt out what is in their mind. Some people can’t lie on their faces.

The conclusion

Customer satisfaction is the main thing that all businesses want. If a customer is happy with your services and products then it became the spokesperson about your business. This called word of mouth publicity. This word of mouth publicity will give enormous success and growth. This all can happen because of customer happiness. So always try to impress your customers and make them happy. If you still feel any doubt and query related to any coursework help topic then you can contact assignment writers.

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