How Can You Improve Persuasive Writing Skills?

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Writing a persuasive essay is like a lawyer fighting its case in front of the judge in the court. In the same way, the writer has to make its stand either against or in favor of the essay point. The writer has to make its strongest point just to win the hearts of the writers. It is the writer’s responsibility to convince all the readers and to make their minds convinced about a particular point. It needs intensive research to write a good persuasive essay. Persuasive essay writers should know the interest of the readers and he/she should have a solid understanding of the issues from both sides. In simple, the writer should have all the information and knowledge about all the points, the favor and the against one. A good persuasive writer should know why he/she is correct and why the opposite view is not correct.

In most cases, persuasive essays have to write by the students. The persuasive essay can be on social issues or contemporary issues. For instance, why cell phones should be banned in the school or college premises. So students have to write an essay on these kinds of topics and give their views either in against or in favor of the argument. You have to give some solid evidence then only the board will adopt your views and put forward them. The main purpose of the persuasive essay is not to inform. Its main purpose is to convince others with the writer’s point of view. If you are still confused about writing the persuasive essay then you can take guidance from the assignment writers. These writers are experts in writing the essays and can guide in all topics and wherever you need online assignment help.

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Persuasive essay techniques

There are some techniques if you want to know how to write a persuasive essay. Students have to follow these techniques to write a perfect and flawless persuasive essay assignment. At SourceEssay, we believe that you need to follow this approach to become a better persuasive writer.

  1. Prewriting tips

The prewriting step is very necessary that every student should take care of. Every student needs to follow this step to write a good persuasive essay. In this step, students need to do planning what they have to write in a persuasive essay. Students should know about the issue on which they have to write. They need to select whether they will write in favor of the issue or against the issue. In order to write a perfect persuasive essay, you should understand the audience’s point of view. You need to think about whether the target audience is in favor of the issue or against the issue. A persuasive essay depends on solid evidence and proof that supports the essay. It is necessary to have many sources, you cannot rely on one single source. You need to get information from multiple sources and that too credible and relevant information.

If you need assignment help at any point then you can directly speak to the certified assignment writers, your teachers, your mentors, and any other support system if you have. Read all the sources and take down all the necessary notes.  Find out the most convincing evidence and proofs.

The next step is to draft an outline. Organize all the supports and proofs to make the strongest point. If your teacher or professor gives some specific outlines or structure of the essay then you can follow that structure. In almost all the persuasive essays have around five to six paragraphs. There should be an introduction paragraph, the body paragraph, the opposing view paragraph, and the conclusion paragraph.

In the introduction part, you need to grab the audience’s attention. You need to outline an overview of the introduction part. In the body part, you need to focus on the pieces of evidence and give all information to support the shreds of evidence. In the conclusion part, you need to restate your supporting evidence.

  1. Drafting the essay

When done with the initial phase of the persuasive essay, now you need to draft all the information and that too in a logical way. Students need to consider the following recommendations for drafting the persuasive essay.

-in the introduction part, you need to grab the audience’s attention. You need to write an opening sentence that presents unusual or statistics facts and figures. You can start your essay with a question, a quotation or any strong statement. For instance, drive while talking on mobile phones, even using earphones is equal to the driving drunk. These kinds of sentences grab the audience’s attention and they become very attentive while delivering your persuasive essay. In the body part, there should a separate point of view and in each paragraph, there should be strong pieces of evidence present in the form of statistical facts and figures. You can give real-life examples also in the body part. Don’t use very deep information about the issue otherwise, the audience gets bored and lost interest from the essay. Jus define the terms and give some points to explain the background information.

-in the conclusion part, you should summarize by writing the most important proof about the issue. In this part, you need to motivate the audience or reader to take action as per your persuasive essay. The closing sentence can be an appealing question or an action that has to be taken by the readers, or any other question that provokes the audiences to take some urgent action or you can give some suggestions or recommendations to the readers.

  1. Revising

In this revision step, students need to revise, review the essay and if need any modification then you need to modify it. You should also reorganize your work in this phase to make it best. You need to check some points while revising the essay. Does your essay present a solid position about the issue, it contains all the relevant facts and figures, quotes and examples; the opening statement of the essay is capable enough to grab the audience’s attention; Does each paragraph of the essay supports single point; is the opposing point is enough to oppose the views; the essay written in a good English; the paragraphs and sentences of the essay make a logical flow; conclusion part of the essay conveys the correct message according to the writer, does the writers is capable enough to connect to the readers.

If you think your essay is still missing the mark then you can take help from the cheap assignment writers. These writers can help you by taking another look at your essay and with their guidance, your essay falls into the correct place more easily.

  1. Editing and proofreading

Editing and proofreading are a must. The one who writes the essay is less likely to find the errors. If you are unable to find the errors then you can directly contact essay writers. These writers can edit and proofread your essay within no time. These experts and are very well known to the correct structure of the persuasive essay. These writers can edit your data with a fresh perspective.

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