Will COVID-19 Bring A Breakthrough In Online Education?

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The corona virus pandemic has changed the course of the education system throughout the world. Schools, colleges, and universities have suspended campus learning in order to stop the spread of the virus. But, the question that is asked by most people is that “is the pandemic acting as a breakthrough for online education?”

In this article we are going to focus on the question stated above and discuss how online education is carving a new way for the academic students.

The education sector has gone through massive changes due to the pandemic COVID-19.

Most of the universities have shifted to online mode of learning. Students are taking help from online essay writers in these difficult times to finish their assignments on time.

Impact Of Online Education

  • Universities are using AI-enabled technologies, and other tools like video conferences to kick start virtual learning with the implementation of online platforms and file-sharing technologies.
  • Classroom discussions are being converted into online lectures with the use of these platforms.
  • Performance assessment tests are being done using the AI platform.
  • Significant changes have been made in the server capacity to ensure the smooth functioning of online classes.
  • Broadband connectivity has enabled fast internet connections and a video-grapy studio has also been set up to conduct online classes.
  • The faculty has been provided with laptops to implement online teaching sitting in their comfort zones so that they do not get infected from the virus.
  • The main focus of the teachers is to see that they do not expose themselves, or the children to the risks, and ensure students don’t miss out on their curriculum as well. Online assignment help is helping students to cope with the new methods of teachings.

UNICEF, MICROSOFT and University of Cambridge joined hands and started a partnership called “The Learning Passport” with a motive to reach out to the refugee children and provide education to them on a digital-remote learning platform. Due to the pandemic, this platform has undergone massive expansion overnight. It has been facilitating a country-level curriculum for growing adults and children, whose schools and universities have been forced to close down due to the pandemic. The key resources are being provided to educationalists and teachers through this platform. Digital tools are being embraced by students and teachers to keep up with their education and new pedagogies, are being prepared to ensure proper learning.

Even though technology is helping to cope with the effects of the pandemic COVID-19, by helping students get into their normal routines, the drastic measures that have been taken by the government to stop the spread of the virus has affected the psyche of the children along with the adults. Most of the states are under complete lockdown. Except for essential services everything has been closed down until the spread is controlled

Effects Of The Pandemic On Students

  • The sudden closure of schools has taken a toll on the daily routines of children.
  • Quarantine measures taken by the government to stop the spread of the corona virus has imposed strict rules of self-isolation on everyone starting from children, to adolescents to adults, irrespective of age, caste, and creed. This has developed a constant fear among students and led them to mental stress and anxiety.

According to the recent stats from UNESCO nearly 1.57 billion students are being affected by the sudden school closure over 190 countries worldwide.

To overcome this scenario and minimize stress and anxiety among students various measures have been taken by universities and educational institutions.

Measures Taken By The Education Institutions

  • The adults have understood the long-lasting effects of this pandemic and are creating awareness among the students to reduce stress.
  • More and more students are encouraged to get into online learning.
  • Schools and universities are giving away the traditional methods of teaching and embracing new technologies.
  • Exams and pre-assessment tests are taken online.


Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has moved the education sector in a great way by creating a panic among students worldwide and disrupting the routine life of students.

Online Education is acting as a buffer between the pandemic and the students and helping in a great way to regularize the lives of the students.

It is regularizing the lives of the students by helping them continue their education with the help of virtual classes. Students who are facing difficulties in adapting to the new methods of learning can seek instant assignment help from professionals who guide them with their assignments sitting at home.

Constant interaction with professors has created awareness among students and reduced their stress and anxiety.

Online education is proving to be beneficial for the students as it gives them an audio-visual platform for learning which makes the learning process interesting and less complicated. Adapting the modern methods of online teaching has made teachers flexible in their approach which has in turn, helped to develop an inter-personal relationship between the teacher and the students which was difficult to develop in the classroom training.

Students are also accepting the modern methods of online teaching with open arms since it gives them a broader spectrum of learning.

Thus, it can be said that yes the pandemic COVID-19 has brought a breakthrough in online education. It has not only changed the traditional methods of teaching but also helped students cope with their lessons. It has helped students gear themselves up for any natural disasters and made them independent.

Online education has made learning interesting and fun and the audiovisual methods help students to remember what they have learned for longer periods of time.

The entire education system is going through a changeover after the COVID-19 and gearing themselves up to face any similar disasters in the future.

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Online education and this sudden pandemic have made students grow into responsible and independent adults.

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