How Do Ads Influence Consumer Behavior?

Consumer Behavior


Technology has significantly changed our lives and likely to shape the business future and market conditions. The world is witnessing the technology change every day and as illustrated marketers use the technology to access the massive amount of consumer data that someone can use to formulate effective strategies. 

The rapid advancement of technology and its involvement impacted the complexity of the business environment also giving rise to both opportunities and challenges as per customer perspective and fetching consumer attention. In a present competitive business environment, the study of consumer behaviour has become essential(Chukwu,, 2019). All the business activities have seen concerned with consumer behaviour and in a large prospectus, a big amount is being spent to establish customer relationship. 

Advertising frequently impacts consumer behaviour amid contributing the consumer choices. Nowadays advertisement is the most prominent communication tool between the consumer and the employer is a subset of 4ps in the market comprising pricing, place, promotion and product.  

Marketers always adapted to the changing business demands so to create maximum sales. Since the 20th century, the uses of the advertisement increased exponentially expanded the supply of manufactured products across the different regions of the world. However during the late 80s century advertisement was only meant to promote the brands and fairly limited to newspaper, radio and magazines. But as the competition in the market increases, the advertisement perspective revolves around analyzing prolong changing customer behaviour. This study attempts to justify how the advertisement affects consumer behaviour in modern times. The aim of the study carries out the most significant way that will help marketers to achieve maximum benefits from the advertisement.


Consumer buying behaviour refers to the buying behaviour of the ultimate target consumer. Former studies have shown entertainment in advertising generates customer satisfaction. Further, in the study conducted by Duncan and Nelson on how entertainment affects the consumer purchasing decision, 157 responses found an entertaining advertisement can influence consumer decisions. It will persuade the consumer to purchase the product or consumer them. Similarly Chang, 2006 investigating the entertaining advertisement and its stimulation over consumer perception leaving the impact on their behavioural intentions. It is found under the same study 152 responses of the participants shown entertaining advertisement positively influence consumer behaviour to exemplify the buying behaviour. 

The majority of the marketers in the field of the tourism industry have begun to develop their marketing campaign over smartphones. Phones application provide diversified information about varied destination also promoting the brands depend on the marketing needs. Due to proliferation of the smartphones, advertisement policies accompany with reducing the number of advertisement time however the effectiveness of the advertisement should be higher(Alghizzawi, Mahmoud, 2019). For instance, during placement of the advertisement over the magazines or newspaper, the advertiser tries to place the advertisement on the front page depending on the length and size of the paper.

Marketers have sought to diversified marketing templates to meet the entire consumer needs as mobile phones offer them huge data power and service tools. All the social media platform are now trying to achieve the marketing demand different objectives of the world, moreover the presence of huge data changing the traditional way of communication. 

Theoretical Review

Consumer buying behaviour is highly affected by the economic factors such as the pattern of income expenditure, pricing of complementary products, substitutes elasticity of goods and services. Sometimes it is also forced by perception, emotions and connection. As opined by assignment writing help experts consumer behaviour guided by social and cultural factors affects the individual behaviour also determines the kind of purchasing

Emotional responses is one of the powerful tool integrated with the marketing communication emotionally motivate the consumer to buy the products. The essence of advertisement is to create brand awareness, preferences, services of the products. Since the advertising goal is positive, the extent to which consumer make the decision depends upon the consumer ability to recall the advert call. 

People change with times so their preferences and product taste. Marketers seem to be concerned with consumer culture and keen to discover new products consumer may want. Marketing strategies are likely to influence the behaviour so as consumer culture. Harvard professor Teixeira found entertainment plays both cooperative and conflicting roles. Thereby advertisement must be able to convey the ideas but not in a negative sense(Langkos, Spyros, 2014).

A company cant make a dream success until its products become the good knower and for which most of the companies tries to dominate the market. Since the primary objective of the advertiser is to reach the consumer perspective and influence their attitudes and behaviour, companies spend large sums to keep the consumer interest in their product. 

Metaphorical a hierarchical of effects models of the advertisements briefed advertising exposure led cognition such as establishing memories about the advertisement, product liking or disliking by the consumer, especially determining the characteristics of their role models. 

As the market is surplus so many companies have accepted it would be so hard to produce the distinction between the similar products, hence advertisement is the only way reliably creating faith among the consumers(Haider& Shakib, 2018). Many free case study help experts predefined consumer is likely to be more associated with the products providing strong product cue simulates values and messages. If the effects are positive and successfully appealing to the consumer, the objectives of the advertisements gained. 

At first, the consumer doesn’t go with the brand strong appealing to them even they try to make a clear distinction if the products match with the memory. They would perform the categorization of the products with the familiarity perception and conception. It is also seen consumer prevail over the dissonance from the brand extension. 

Now it would be impossible for the companies to deliver company message and value without using advertising. Certainly, this would be possible because of the accessibilities of hundred of channels and globalization in this new era. It is often believed with large social media platform sizes, a bulk of marketing stimulus helping marketers effectively uncovering potential factors influencing consumer behaviour.

Whether it is a small or large enterprise, advertisement is key survivor tool equalizes the personal joy, purchasing material possession and so on. In the next section, this study will cover the consumer attitudes during perceiving a product also it will then analyze the environmental advertising influence impacting product buying satisfaction rate.

Critical Analysis of Previous Studies

Sama, 2019 reported out of all the product manufacturing cost, 30% related to the advertisement cost. This is highly important as with this amount of capital marketers ably try to achieve high mid recall sell. Hence it is clearly visible advertisement vital for business. In 2004, the amount of money spent on the advertisement was 40% overall covering broadcast, newspaper, magazines. The marginal cost however higher for TV commercialization rather than the online platform.

Shah 2015 predicted newspaper advertisement plays a crucial in terms of settling message for long period and some researchers said, newspaper advertisement is comparative more effective than TV. Some researcher believed the advertisement influence over consumer mediated by message involvement henceforth this would show the relationship between the viral advertisement and PI.

The aforementioned study shows impact of media advertisement exerts influence over rural teenagers meanwhile it require to measure the effectiveness of the internet. 

Growth Of Advertisement

The global advertisement industry has shown some turbulent times between 2001- 2020. Since 2011, the overall spending on the advertisement has increased roughly by five per cent. But since pandemic outbreaks, it accounts high drop in ad spend with nine per cent. Statista, 2020 report explained the industry expenditure will return to around 4.8 per cent which mean companies is thinking to spend more on research and development.

Source– Statista, 2021

The rise of user-generated content made it possible for marketers to fetch attention continuously. Google collect enough amount of personal data of the users and exchange with the company to create the advertisement. The core essence of the advertisement based on the number of times consumer overlook the products, searches the contact and how many times it clicked on the advertisement. In 1953 when George Gallup introduced the term marketing research means collecting the information of the consumer to make a better product, since the company emphasis analyzing consumer behaviour so that their product will always remain on the forefront. To know more, get Consumer Behavior Assignment Help from the SourceEssay team anytime to formulate remarkable contents for tuition assignments.

Theory Of Reasoned Action

Saban proposed the theory of reasoned action implies attitudes towards the behaviour is the significant factors to determine the predictors of behavioural intentions. Attitudes simulated as internal attitude comes from evaluating the objects for instance branded object. Similar lutz said consumer attitude towards the advertisements shows the consumer exposure, reaction and attention to the advertisement through varieties of the cognitive and inventive process. In this process, advertisements effectiveness describes the large force of consumer exposure their involvements in terms of analyzing the products repeatedly determine the effectiveness of communication(Mwakasege, Getrude, 2015).

Some researcher suggests AWR model as the consumer knowledge model about the particular product. Similar it shows consumer would be familiar with the range of the product at the time of launching. Scholar posited goals of the advertisers should be communicating the product characteristics and advantages also constantly updating the existing information about the new products and services.

 For the time being, advertisers often emphasized creativity showing products benefits and generating interest among users. Assignment helpers predicted nowadays generation Y pays attention to the advertisement, how products advertised, scheduled, remodelled and are the advertisement in the line of their interest or not. Companies try to generate consumer personal interest remarkably explaining the classical series of the INT. For instance, Fanta a soft drink usually endorsed by the females lead as it is a soft drink where Thumps or coca-cola endorsed by the group of members. 

At many times, conviction has perceived as another important tool largely affected by the emotion and feeling of the consumer. The consumer usually gets convinced when it is shown the product offer to them is affordable and addressing all their needs. A commercial by OPPO featured Ammy Jackson trying to create the desire among the consumer for high-quality images of themselves too. Amid this many assignment help, Brisbane writers said, post-purchase consumer behaviour must be examined as it reveals the areas company needs the improvement in the next generation of the product. The post-purchase behaviour also shows the consumer probability to buy the products again(Niazi,, 2012). Most of the online marketing channels offer the consumer a platform to provide their opinion to express their view in regards to products they have purchased.


Advertisement has a significant impact on consumer behaviour since consumer attitudes defined product effectiveness. All the business activities we have included and studied to prepare this article are concerned with consumer behaviour and in a large prospectus, a big amount is being spent to establish customer relationship. In this article, we have explored how advertisement becomes the most prominent communication tool between the consumer and the employer considered as a subset of 4ps in the market comprising pricing, place, promotion and product. This article covered the previous studies implies consumer attitude towards the advertisements reflects consumer exposure, reaction and attention to the advertisement through varieties of the cognitive and inventive process. Thereby it is concluded advertisement not only impact the way consumer perceive the brand image even it ensures the company become able to deliver the highest quality of the product that places them at the front in the consumer preference list.


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