Brand Positioning

The Effect Of Brand Positioning On Consumer Behavior

A brand can be the most potent asset a business possesses, but this doesn’t necessarily make it easy to define. Perhaps this is because in the digital age, the definition has broadened in scope to include not only a company and its mainstay product but also people.  The brand according to the business dictionary...

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5 C’s Of Marketing

5 C’s Of Marketing

The 5 C’s of marketing is a situation analysis framework for helping students determine the strengths and weaknesses of your brand, relative to the field in which you operate. A 5C analysis, alongside other widely used business tools like the SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats), serves as a method for helping professionals...

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Brand Management

Brand Management : Why It Is Essential?

The different methods used to increase the perceived value of a service or product is defined as brand management in marketing.( Limet.al,2020) It is a career onto itself and every year thousands of students opt courses that teach them brand management in marketing. To certain extent globalization and the invention of the internet have been greatly...

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Assignment Help

Significance Of Product Research

Product research is essential for the growth and development of any organization mainly because it quantifies or increases business knowledge. Product research helps any organization to gather information through internal and external sources for seeking the information it needs. In this article we are going to discuss the significance of product research. The strategies...

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Product Life Cycle

Product Life Cycle Of Smartphones

It does not matter whether you are doing shopping from your parent’s old VHS tapes or your smartphones. You are taking participate in and taking different experiences of the different stages of the product life cycle. When a product manufactured then it enters into the market, the consumers don’t know that it has a...

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