5 P’s of Boost Juice Marketing

5 P's of Marketing


This research study evaluates the marketing tactics by analysis of the 5 P’s of marketing used as a part of marketing mix. The evolution breaks down the marketing tactics of the boost juice company to scrutinize the typical strategy and tactics. It helps the researcher to decode the strength and risk and finding opportunities for the growth of the organisation. Janine Allis establish the Boost Juice Company in 2000. This company is a retail chain selling fresh juices extracted from vegetables as well as the fruits. The primary objective of the brand is encouraging people to lead better lifestyle by accommodating themselves with the food categories like healthy and beneficial products (Menzies and Orr, 2014). The company was successful in grabbing a significant part of the market over a short time span based on creative products as well as services. According to the marketing strategy of the organisation the wings of the company was entrenched throughout the world having 350 stores operating on a parallel basis in 17 different nations. Teenagers occupied the major piece of their market segment and the company was successful in inculcating more consciousness regarding health among teenagers by means of their marketing efforts.

Obesity is a major problem in the current date and a large percentile of kids in the world are fighting with this problem. The company introduced the fresh juice motivating kids to lead a healthy life as a part of their marketing strategy. Around 50% of the overall customers of the company are students. 40% of the customers are parents and the retailers and the rest are the corporate executives (Daniel, Cappiello and Benatallah, 2019). Because of the intensive growth of obesity and overweight people, the modern target population is gradually starting to prefer healthier foods. There are significant amount of individuals who prefer fresh juices and 60% of this population is comprised of female customers.

Within a span of only seven years of time the company established 200 stores in Australia. The company has been offering different kinds of natural products throughout the nation. The company developed a unique and distinctive pattern of offering fresh and natural juices extracted from fruits and vegetables in all their outlets. Based on their marketing strategy the boost juice company ensured that the customers always received wonderful experiences while they pay visit to the stores and provides fresh blend of juice with outstanding service. The retail outlets are also scattered throughout other countries like South Africa followed by the UK, Portugal, Hong Kong, Germany as well as other Nations for stretching the operations. The boost mobile when was introduced by the company as a part of modern way of reaching out to the customers and increasing the target customer base.

The primary objective of the organisation has always been serving a significant part of the market by increasing the reach of the products and accommodating people of various age categories into their bucket list of customers. The organisation is the still planning to expand the market share by 5 to 10% on annual bases based on introduction of new merchandisers and new services alongside search new channels for the customers to purchase their product (Yumpu.com, 2022). To know more take assistance from marketing coursework help experts from SourceEssay.

The 5 P’s Of Marketing Strategy

The 5 P’s of the marketing strategy of the Boost Juice Company is of great importance which are product as well as place and promotion and people.


Health condition has had a significant impact on the people of Australia in negative context. Most people had fallen prey to obesity and being overweight. One fourth of the people affected by these factors are children. The health condition of children is even deteriorating. These conditions are also gradually giving birth to issues like a diabetic condition among children with the higher blood pressure and cancerous condition of the heart. According to a study the primary reason for gain of additional weight is fault of the diet plan of people. Major part of the diet of the people of Australia consisted of fat and sugar. Australian government took necessary steps for creation of health awareness among their citizen (Shah, Naughton and Petroczi, 2013). As an outcome people started to become more aware of their health and increased the need of healthy products being introduced in the market. In this company understood as well as realise the change in Trend and therefore as a belated such factors in their marketing strategy. The company understood the market requirement and therefore immediately to get advantage of this prevailing condition. It leads to introduction of fresh juices extracted from vegetables and fruits. The company developed various products which are market oriented like a fresh juice bars as well as energy drinks among the diverse range of products. The company also exhibited typical understanding of the market need and the customer need. According to marketing dissertation assignment help experts the fresh fruits as well as vegetable juices attract large number of people for a nutritional value and the juices are also 98% free of fat (Wellardet al., 2017). The company provides the freedom to customers to customise their individual products.


In order to take stand against the typical companies like coca cola Pepsi and so on selling sweetened beverages, Boost Juice and for that matter other such companies have been introduced. There for the rivals of the company are a similar organisations as well as the fundamental existing multinational companies like coca cola and Pepsi which are also among soft drinks manufacturers. The immense rivalry has been due to the small size of the health and healthy drink market and the typical large size of the refreshing sweetened drinks market. The people have been heavily indulging themselves into beverages as well as sugar e juices which are very harmful if consumed. The legacy of such consumption pattern went on for a prolonged time period before the company called Boost Juice came into existence. Nevertheless Janine Allis of Boost Juice develop this organisation with the objective of protecting people and developing a market drinking soft milk. In order to grab attention of the concerned market the company developed a unique marketing strategy which is also popularly called the low cost leadership strategy. It shows positive results against initiatives towards attracting large number of people bringing them to the market of fresh juices (Lili, 2009). The strategy in this regard is providing information towards customers that the company offers products at more feasible and probably at the lowest possible market cost. It also exhibits remarkable outcomes in order to grab the attention of people within a very short and stipulated time period. It is rather difficult for any organisation in keeping up with the low prices and also worked hard to run their business without increasing their cost. The price as well as product quality are being well maintained by this company. The company made fresh juice available at cheap cost so that people can purchase it without having to look at their price. It helps to network in the market very quickly.


In accordance with the marketing strategy of the company, the managers and supervisors are paying close attention to offering fresh to develop juices from fruits and vegetables to the customers. There for a large number of retail outlets have been open throughout the nation so that the product can get a boost in the market naturally. The company has been functioning on a model of franchising. There are over hundred the franchise stores of the companies throughout Australia developed within a very short time period. The company also wanted to ensure that the products are reached a dynamic category of consumers throughout the world. In order to materialize this outcome, the company opened their stores in different parts of the world like in Asia and Europe and so on. South Africa is a remarkable typical market alongside UK as typical foreign markets other than their domestic market of Australia (Panknin, 2009). The company has a separate franchising chain for the UK market which establishes the fundamental effort of the organisation in reaching beyond the domestic market with their unique product idea. Because of the phenomenal and large expansion of the company, Boost Juice has expanded their brand reach and people can easily connect with the brand also. In fact, the company has made the brand equity and brand listing very lucrative so that people easily get to know about their nearest retail outlets by searching “boost juice near me” on Google. The third successful element follows the other two crucial elements which are promotion and people.


Boost juice has been undertaking all kinds of initiatives in order to make maximum market promotion. The company has been using large volumes of money for advertising also. The organisation uses unique types of advertising which are however portrayed on traditional media like television and internet and posters and radio. This is a fundamental idea of the organisation. Nevertheless all advertisements are amalgamated with promotional offers made by the organisation for putting their sales like if the consumer purchase one product then they will be able to get the other for free alongside different unique opportunities for children by making them participate in particular events and attracting them to grab the different offers of the company. Company has their individual website providing detailed explanation about the organisation with its products as well as offers and so on. The company took advantage of the digital knowledge of the generation so that they could connect with the potential customers. The fact that the majority of the customers are students only mobilized their global connectivity using the digital components (Menzies and Orr, 2014). The organisation created Facebook covers for showcasing their products and also promotes the newly developed and introduced products in the market. Australian people have a different fondness towards Facebook and it is evident that a large population segments pencil around 12 hours every weekend on Facebook. Social media is of spontaneous help for any organisation to grow a specific customer base throughout the globe. This company has been able to manage a certain place of good reputation in the market based on Facebook promotion.


People represent the last characteristic of the marketing strategy of the organisation. The company has been ensuring the provision of quality environment for their external as well as internal stakeholders. The company gives ownership to their employees and accountability to their franchise is show that they share a position as the decision makers and partners and did not as subordinates with the organisation. Almost all individuals employed by the company has great experience and knowledge about prospective industry reflecting positivity in context to quality of production and services offered to clients of this organization (Shah, Naughton and Petroczi, 2013).

SWOT Analysis Of Boost Juice

In the view point of marketing assignment help experts he SWOT analysis will help the organisation to estimate the feasibility of its marketing strategies and capitalise on the areas of improvement to manifest a better marketing outcome based on the current and future strategies for market growth.


Company has innovative concept of delivering fresh fruit juices and providing the same through the retail outlets based upon a unique customer experience. The company developed a potential market position based on its blend of potential product and unique services which eventually help the company to create potential brand recognization. It provides 98% fat free products for encouragement of healthy lifestyle. It also develops the use of right promotional advertising campaigns for capturing the target market. Boost Juice adopted a convincing approach for encouraging approach towards engagement of customers based on asking them via emails, in case if they seem unsatisfied with related services. The company has very potential security feasibility with the credible resources (Panknin, 2009). The company has been able to capture international markets from Malaysia, Singapore, Kuwait, Germany, and Hong Kong Dubai and so on. The organisation has been able to adapt the licensing system for expansion of the market overseas which has been achieved through their robust decision making attitude.


Huge cost for running their marketing and promotional activities because of the potential focus on branding activities. The company took care of the various law and regulations for successful operations in the international market. In this regard it was spectacular to observe how the company ensures the health status of their consumers as well as internal consumers like the employees. The company and used in punishable products like juices and smoothies and therefore needs hire regulations for ensuring the safety of product. The organisation is involved in a narrow product range of the juices and smoothies and therefore can extend their product range for increasing target market alongside the attraction of a large number of customers. The primary segment of the market of the company is comprised of young teenagers and the company also has the secondary market comprised of adults who are over 30 years of age however the size of the same is very small. The market segment comprised of office executive as well as professionals need to be explored in greater depth (Menzies and Orr, 2014). The consumers prefer having uses only during summer seasons and prefer not having drinks like coffee or tea during winters. The company witnesses a significant drop in the sales figure during winter season which impacts the profitability of the organisation. However the company has lack of effective management of employees which can impact the employee competence and the overall productivity of the organisation as well. The development of the product needs substantial time and the consumers do not need to wait for such long periods.


The company has great opportunity in targeting the different countries in the Asian market which are still emerging. The operations can be expanded by increasing the market as well as the associated advertising activities. The company can also introduce new range of products for increasing winter sells like sandwiches and pastry and hot drinks for attracting customers during the time of winter and increasing their revenue. The company is also able to explore alternative sources of activities in markets of Asia for reduction of manufacturing cost. The company will also be able to explore different channels of purchasing and selling mobile applications based online order placement. The company has great scope of expanding in their geographical market and enhancement of sales revenue based on control of their distribution system effectively (Shah, Naughton and Petroczi, 2013).


Boost Juice have been facing typical competition from the rivals. The rivals include Easy Way, Starbucks coffee company and so on. Availability of the packaged fruit juices in the market impact the sale of their products. According to essay typer the sales are also impacted by market conditions like increase of interest rate as well as price of transport fuel.


The research highlights how successful applications of marketing tactics by the concerned organisation have been successful. The main customer base is that of teenagers as well as adults. Boost juice has rivalry with the organisations as stated above. However the potential marketing mix blended with the market feasibility and market offering of the concerned organisation has allowed remarkable successful stop the company capitalised on the need of the product in the market based on a cost leadership strategy. Other different methods for increasing sales have been explained clearly in this research study.

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