Amazon Supply Chain Management-Case Study

In the current era of technology and the internet, the business has become very complicated and complex. With the advent of globalization, the sector of business and management has been completely revolutionized and transformed as compared to the traditional methods of conducting business operations. It has lead to more and more competition between a...

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Basic And Applied Research

Basic Vs Applied Research: Know The Key Differences

Introduction What is central research in modern universities? Many researchers have surveyed to define the pessimistic terms applied and basic research. Based on the utility, a research proposal can distinguish between basic and applied research. Though both of the terms are contradictory, the higher education pieces of literature undertake the primary research for the...

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Behavioral Finance

Role Of Behavioral Finance In The Financial Market

Stock market complexities and market anomalies have led to the growth of a new dimension of financial research called behavioural finances. The origination of behavioural finances is tracked back to the 1990s when Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahneman talked about the behavioural theories impacting customer decision making choices. Standard finances assume risk and returns...

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Communication Networks

Communication Networks TCP And UDP Protocols

Introduction This essay is going to discuss communication networks or transmission control protocols. In addition to that different types of communication networks and their applications are going to be evaluated and discussed in this assessment. Apart from that, the discussion is going to portray the significant features held by the communication networks with defining...

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Fishbone Diagram

Fishbone Diagrams For Root Cause Analysis

The fishbone diagram is one of the pioneered tools used for quality management. In modern-day problems, many organizations or managers of the firms in the contemporary business environment fails to identify the real cause of the problems. Therefore, as a result, it will ultimately lead to the failure of the project or any operation...

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TOEFL Vs IELTS – Know Differences And Similarities

Introduction Students who are planning to undergo education abroad in any English native country for bachelor’s or master’s degree will have to submit their scores in IELTS or TOEFL exam. The primary similarity in both these exams is that both are standardized examinations for determination of the English level of the individual. Both the...

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Google Apps

How Google Apps Play An Important Role In A Student Life

Google has become a widely accepted search engine platform since its inception in 1998. It has transformed the way we study, take every challenge and embracing a variety of practices for innovation. With the rapid development and educational apps accessibility, there has been a significant change is seen in adopting apps by educators also...

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Purchasing Ability of A Consumer

The Purchasing Ability of A Consumer And Its Impact On Prices

Consumer And Contemporary Business Environment A consumer is the crux of business and marketing strategy. A consumer is a key factor that defines the marketing plan of any organization for its products or services. Therefore, it is vital to research and analyze customers before launching any product or service in the market. In addition...

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Artificial Tissues And Organs

Artificial Tissues And Organs

Over the years, organ failure has been leading to thousands of deaths. In many cases, it becomes necessary to transplant organs with a prosthetic device to eliminate the injuries caused by defective organs. There we need artificial tissues and organs based on bionic principles During the last years, many significant processes have been developed...

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Internship Resources For Students

Internship Resources For Students : Amazing Start Of Career

The internship period of a student is a very important phase of student life mostly because it is considered as the first stepping stone for them towards their professional life. The day a student enters a university he or she starts nurturing a dream of having a successful career In the future. And, their...

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