6C’s Of Nursing

6C’s Of Nursing

Introduction In the nursing profession “Care, Compassion, Competence, Communication, Courage, Commitment” are the 6Cs that are essential for the rapid recovery of patients. In hospitals, the nurses and the hospital’s staff need to provide high-quality, compassionate care in order to achieve excellent health and well-being outcomes. The behavior and the style of work of...

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Comprehensive Vs. Focused Assessment

Comprehensive Vs. Focused Assessment In Nursing

Introduction A patient’s condition is approached holistically in comprehensive health evaluations or Nursing, which also screen for a variety of problems, whereas focused assessments are more constrained and detail-oriented. The thorough evaluations provide a holistic picture of the patient’s health. In addition to concentrated assessments, they ought to be used. Nurses risk missing some...

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Nursing Training And Development

Nursing Training And Development In Australia

Introduction Nursing is one of the most famous professions and career options in Australia. A large number of people are associated with this profession and even people from various foreign countries also come to Australia for nursing training or even for pursuing their careers in the field of nursing. Because of the increasing number...

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Concept Maps And Nursing Theory: A Pedagogical Approach

Introduction According to (Culha, 2019), Teaching and learning Nursing theory is believed the challenge the abstractness of the content where all the traditional approaches come under consideration for the purpose of teaching-learning. The engaged students who are in this process have the perception of detachment from the practice and implication of the theory. Some...

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PTSD:Effective Coping Strategies

PTSD: Effective Coping Strategies

Introduction As per APA (American Psychological Association), PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) has been stated as the anxiety disorder, which has been developed among experiencing trauma. As opined by Baral and Bhagawati (2019), post-traumatic stress disorder has been caused to an individual while he/she witnesses to any shocking or frightening event or being a part...

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Music Therapy

Positive Impact Of Music Therapy For Patients With Brain Injuries 

Introduction Music is an art form that is deeply rooted into the human culture, civilization, heritage and customs throughout the decades. As mentioned by Reddy et al. (2017), music has an immense effect on human brains and music listening in innumerable forms can provide soothing and calming effect, even helps in alleviating sadness, anxiety...

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Nursing Research Topics

Methods For Selecting Interesting Nursing Research Topics

Hospitals, clinics and various healthcare platforms are typically comprising stressful environment. Under time pressure, work conditions, patient’s situation, health care professions make difficult decisions. In most health care setting, nurses demand increases exponentially as they pose less autonomy, less career development opportunities and changes.  The current economic crisis and pandemic surge have burden nursing...

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Vaccination – Dangers Versus Benefits

With rising cases of deadliest viruses or bacteria infection, getting an immune is becoming equally necessary. Disease prevention through vaccination has become a major triumph for the medicine. But studies have reflected vaccines cost with its own risk and benefits.  On one side, vaccines are proven a marvellousdefence against a wide variety of infectious...

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Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana Legalization For Medical Purposes

While some countries are strictly prohibited the marijuana usages, whereas other countries have legalized the cannabis usages. A recent study of American academy orthopaedic surgeons’ medical availability of marijuana has decreased 20% prescription is written. Researchers have noted orthopaedic surgeons are among highest who prescribes opioids. Marijuana has been widely used as pain reliever...

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